I first got involved with computers in late '96 doing simple upgrades/installs at a PC shop before earning my AA degree in Computer Science in 2002. Following a few contract positions, I joined the Flash Products Group at Intel in 2003 doing Quality and Reliability work tied to SSD development. Along the way I got into PC building as a hobby, mostly helping friends and family, but I've also built a few systems for use as data servers at work.

Although I've always been aware of the gaming community I wasn't familiar with the term "enthusiast" until I found Tom's Hardware and spent some time on the forums there for self-learning while helping others. After seeing the PCPP lists show up there, I decided to check out the forums here. In comparison, I feel like the community on PCPP is more helpful in general (despite the occasional debate) and more focused on providing the best information they can (rather than just being recognized as the "best answer").

Naturally, my suggestions are based on personal experience or preference, as well as what I've learned here.
I never join a discussion to compete with anyone else, only to provide the best answer I can in the name of learning and helping others. The only completed build I've listed is my own but I've built several PC's over the years and I've learned a lot and helped many others.