Old gas passer building his maybe 20th+ box. Tried to target performance, cost, size. (post build edit.. Had to inform CFO (wife) slight 'overrun' on the cost front.) (Wife pissed..spent $5-6K about this time last year building/rebuilding 8 boxes for kids/maid/wife/ kid's girlfriend.) Number one son in Army.. may give this build to him. (Mac portable guy now) Jumping AMD ship.. too hot.. too $$... Also trying Nvida chip sets. ( 3 last builds Radeon crossfired X2) ASUS..Corsair... Western Digital..Samsung. It is completely stupid that I can build a machine that can rule The Galaxy! I tried to buy everything thru this site. Like the clean water idea. (Doctor ..need clean water... that's why they invented beer, wine, & the water of life, whiskey.)