Currently building my 6850k Gaming/VR/3D Editing Rig. Gamer since 1980 with the original Atari 2600. The Atari was puppy love. I ate, slept, and dreamt Atari. My first true real love came in 1984 in the form of my first real computer, the Tandy Color Computer 2. Since that day I've never looked back and have always been a member of the "PC Master Race" and always will be. Have built over 25 PC's in the last 15 years. Never had one fail to run once built. I go for performance over looks. Nothing wrong with LED lighting and curious looking cases, but if they stand in the way of performance or cooling, then it has to go.

I am a gamer, 3D artist, 2D Design artist, pc game mod creator and I tend to play more realistic or single player games.