After 10 years without any upgrade, i decide to climb a new mountain in technology. My last graphic card was a Saphire AGP with 1Gb who gave me the pleasure of sleepless nights.

I left the pc games a few years ago after the purchase of PS2 and PS3 and all that stuff... Now i decide to enter a new level (again) of rebuild what i left behind under ashes and dust, starting from the beginning.

AMD FX 6300 was my first part, after the case Nox Coolbay VX. I almost regret to buy that case but, after work done, i was impressive with the result.

Without any OC yet, i have an impressive performance to a médium budget machine. It's useless to spend more some bucks to get the final pixel and a bigger FPS on some game. it's possible to play without any problem an old battlefiel 3 in ULTRA settings. That was my purpose.

I feel happy!