I am new to participating on this site, however I have been logged in and following builds for about a year now. I set up my first build and current rig on here about 10 months ago, although after continued research and following build guides, I have come to regret some of my decisions. I chose hastily, and a lot of the time, based entirely on reviews and popular products.

Regardless, this blurb should be less about a specific build but more about me as a person. I have been learning a lot from this site, and am already planning an upgrade for the future, especially once VR is out of the gates with a nice log of AAA games. Once I get some pics of my first build I will be posting it as a completed build, with full explanations of part choices, regrets, what I would have done differently, and a serious apology for cable management.

I am looking for productive tips, admiration's, and even minor trolling comments to keep it all balanced. I plan to encompass the first two in my comments on other builds (omit the trolling).


Get Schwiftyyyyyy.