Good morning/afternoon/evening/night/non-temporal location in spacetime! I am the Necronomiconomist! I spend way too much time playing PC games, and currently own the most ludicrously powerful rig on this website. My favorite games are the Bioshock series (but not 2 because 2 was bad), Starbound, the Mass Effect trilogy, Crysis and the first few Halo games. When I manage to drag myself out of the house, I practice Krav Maga, bike, run, or go backpacking. I'm considering trying to get into parkour as well, but my initial efforts haven't been going too well. I live in the US, so if you send me a Steam message outside of the hours people in the US are normally awake, don't expect me to get to it very quickly.

Steam: Necronomiconomist Origin: Necronomiconomy

And yes, I did steal my screen name from Dungeons of Dredmor. Love that game.