Hi there! Thank you for visiting my profile. I just recently got into building computers and find them absolutely intriguing. I made my first build on September 16, 2016. I built this computer strictly to satisfy my gaming needs and have never been happier with it. I originally came from consoles (PS2-PS4)and was often weary of computers due to the cost and past history of computers breaking down on me. When I realized I could build something within my grasp to repair, sturdy, and beyond console level at near or slightly past the cost of a console I said hell, let me go for it and thus began my epic quest of research. Carry Holtzman's youtube channel is now in my favorite's list thanks to this quest, and even after building I still enjoying watching him and others build computers. If anyone is having doubts about deciding to build their own computer, I would tell them sit down, take a deep breath, relax, and slap yourself on the face cause you are plum crazy to not build one! Anyways, please do take a look at my build and leave some comments I appreciate all feedback or feel free to show me your build and how you built it I love looking at other people's work! Anyways, that's all for me see you in a game or on the internet somewhere see you next time, spacecowboy.