I'm new to the PC world and this is my first attempt at building a PC. Everything went smooth as expected... AFTER watching umpteen videos by Gamers nexus, Actully Hardcore OC, Jayztwocents, bitwit and another big help I need to credit is this awesome website After much thought I decided to go with ryzen 7 2700x and a MSI x570 gaming edge 16gbDDR4, now running Asus 1660s OC6GB. Also running an aftermarket CPU cooler 240mm.. Thanks for reading and commenting as well.

**Update Dec 25th; I have added another 2 sticks of Trident Z Neo 3600 16GB for a total of 32GB in the system now and i have the memory OC'D to4000MHz :) I will be updating any other changes as i go as well here. thanks for stopping in. Game on gamers and geeks!