Computers, it's why we're all a part of this website. Whether you've built your own, are contemplating building one, creating a parts list for a friend, or looking for help this is the place to seek advice, explore components, and gain an understanding of the finer workings of the Personal Computer.

How I Came to Build my PC

The events that brought me to this website revolved around my laptop and its relatively sluggish behavior. The summer of 2015 saw me playing quite a bit of Warthunder on my laptop. Looking back it was a poor decision, trying to run games on a laptop that is clearly not meant to do so, however the failure mode I encountered had nothing to do with the computer itself but my negligence and general stupidity. Some time during one of my gaming sessions my laptop began stuttering, and made it's way slowly towards being unresponsive.

In my irritation I slammed my hand down on the right palm rest of the laptop, which unbeknownst to me is located right above the hard disc drive. My computer immediately crashed and I was left without a viable computing solution, apart from using university computers which I subsequently did to tide me over. I had been deciding what to do with my summer earnings and was considering building a computer or buying a bike; as the biking season is only about four to five months out of the year I decided that, given my circumstances, I would benefit the most from the former option.

This led me to PCPartpicker where I was able to virtually build the parts list for my current build. After looking for video part reviews I stumbled upon Youtube power users, "Tech Tubers", such as Linus Tech Tips, JayzTwoCents, Paul's Hardware, and Hardware Canucks. These channels were instrumental in helping me to decide on part choices, and answering common questions pertaining computer hardware, as well as the general building process.

This is a great place to begin to learn about the finer workings of the PC master race [PCMR] I mean... uh Personal Computers. Although it can become a hole into which you throw time and money, in moderation it's a lot of fun to see what other people have put together.

Don't be afraid to explore company sites as they generally know the most about their product and provide the best information on said products.

What I Do

Here on PCPartpicker I tend to comment here and there on various things encouraging those builds which I find aesthetically pleasing, and asking questions that may yield knowledge worth having. I have numerous saved parts lists, most of which are centered around either hopes and dreams, or family computing.

In the real world I study Mechanical Engineering, and have come to love the thermal sciences (i.e. Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer) as well as simulation and modeling. Within the thermal sciences I could end up designing fans, pumps, or heat sinks, and I could even end up modeling them within simulation software.

I love learning and teaching others about the finer points of engineering.

PC Sites to Explore

Performance PCs

This store has a wealth of PC parts, modding supplies, water blocks, water cooling accessories, lighting accessories, and pretty much anything else that you could possibly think of that has to do with computers. They do case modding, laser etching of acrylic, and they even have window kits for PC chassis. If you want to get into water cooling they definitely have the stock to set you up.


Caselabs is a PC chassis design firm that specializes in water cooling friendly cases. They have a wide variety of enclosures ranging from Extended ATX friendly to Mini-ITX compatible cases. They are extremely customizable and are pretty minimalist in the context of design language. If you want a large enclosure that you can make your own, they definitely have something for you.

EK Waterblocks

One of the premier water block design and engineering companies within the PC community. Widely praised by enthusiasts, easily the most likely company to be holding the monopoly on the water cooling market. They manufacture and sell CPU Blocks, GPU Blocks, Monoblocks, Fittings, Fans, Reservoirs, Radiators and variety of other water cooling accessories. They are the mainstream (pun intended) water cooling company.


In my opinion I believe Phanteks is one of the best PC component design companies at this point in time. Their design language is very minimalist, their material selections also shine through as quality aluminum panels are used in a number of their enclosures. Currently my build is housed in an NZXT S340 which is a great case, however I appreciate the looks of the Phanteks EVOLV line and would swap cases if possible. This company makes great looking products and can provide your part selections with a quality housing.

INWIN Chassis

INWIN makes some stunning chassis. Their top end cases are constructed of tempered glass and aluminum giving them an aesthetic edge similar, yet far superior to that of Apple Computers. If you long to have the performance of a PC within an equally stunning chassis, INWIN has a solution.