Sup peeps iKonik Modz here & welcome to my profile. Obviously you are either intrigued by my witty comments & wanted to know more about me or your just a plain ol' stalker. (O.o) Either way I'm glad your here. So let's get right to it shall we.

I'm 37, an avid gamer, pc builder, modder, streamer & a tech junkie. I'm also a Husband to the most awesomesauce wife, Father of 4 amazing teenage daughters, a pup named Panda, & small business owner. (Landscaping) The insane amount of complexities & estrogen I'm constantly surrounded by is enough to choke out superman. Hence my need to game my arse off for stress relief & peace of mind. My profile tag and avatar is a nod to my favorite dance group (Jabbawockees).

I'm all about building & modifying new rigs to take on any new upcoming AAA titles & I love new tech! Both of which give me the warm & fuzzies with a heavy dose of pubic stimulation. You know kinda like Beyoncé & Kate upton does for all mankind. (O.o) Oh yeah I went there. So anyway that's me in a nutshell & again I'm glad you stopped by.

Until next time.... ??

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