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Hi! I'm Jack. I build computers. I use Linux. I make YouTube videos because it's fun.

I'm not planning on being super active in the forums anymore because I have other things I want to do. I'm still here on a regular basis because I use this site for what it was intended for: making PC build lists. You can take a look at one of my many builds that I have posted here. I will continue to make builds and I will still be here, but I don't comment as much as I did over a year ago.

You can still DM me for help if you'd like.


I now have an official website!

I am currently working on developing the first full version of it along with everything else I'm working on at the moment.

It has links to my YouTube page, Twitter, the Dummkopf development Discord server, my Linux scripts (if you ever wanted to see a good example of my garbage BASH skills), a site for Dummkopf, a blog, and my email.

Please, check it out if you're interested!