Gamer as far back as I can remember.

Love electronics, was originally going to school for architecture, then mechanical engineering and graduated with a degree in computer science. Science...a great thing.

Started gaming on a Magnavox Odyssey2 that my grandparents had. Moved up to NES and SNES, then to Playstation and N64. Skipped original Xbox and PS2 and 3. Have a modded 360 that I did myself, and still in compliance with ToS for gaming (it's just custom cooling and a massive HDD). Built my first computer in freshman year of University, and have built close to 25 since then, be it for friends and family or as a side job to earn some extra cash. I am no "fan boy" of anything, I just don't build with Intel CPUs. I had a terrible experience with my fifth build. The CPU caught fire, literally, where I needed a fire extinguisher. I'm more than sure it was just a bad chip, but I just haven't been able to get back into using Intel. I have switched back and forth between Nvidia and AMD/ATi for graphics.