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( 4.5 Average / 31 Ratings )




Part #



Black / Silver

Form Factor


CPU Socket



AMD X370

Memory Slots

4 x 288-pin DIMM

Memory Type

DDR4-1866 / 2133 / 2400 / 2666 / 2933 / 3200

Maximum Supported Memory

64 GB

RAID Support


Onboard Video

Depends on CPU

CrossFire Support


SLI Support


SATA 6 Gb/s


Onboard Ethernet

1 x 1000 Mbit/s

Onboard USB 3.0 Header(s)


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KittyKatt 32 points 22 months ago

Beautiful looking board. Has everything I need. Like I mentioned in my main text, POST time is a little longer than I expect it to be which kind sucks, but I hope that gets better in an update!

UPDATE: Mystic Light is pretty frustrating. It doesn't coordinate with the RGB Wraith spire well and the G.Skill RAM at all, so I have to use G.Skill's own configurator for that, which is also pretty terrible. I'm lightly considering selling this and buying the Crosshair VI Hero.

medokn 26 points 21 months ago
from completed build My Build 1.0

Really nice looking board with just the right features and more, kind of lacking in terms of sata ports and included accessories but overall fantastic. And has RGB.

BBearPvP 24 points 21 months ago

As this was my first motherboard I ever used in a build, I was impressed by this one. The LED effects are fantastic, the build quality is nice, and the armor + matte black finish really gives this motherboard a nice appearance.
For a beginner, I was glad to see an EZ Debug LED system implemented in this board. Sometimes a continuous beep happened when the computer didn't POST among the debug LEDS, and sometimes only the debug LEDs lit up. Odd. The software is pretty good and does what it's supposed to do, and I love the LED effects it has. Overclocking is great with this motherboard as well; I was able to overclock my RAM (rated at 2800 MHz) to 2933 MHz at 1.32 volts (still tweaking with it though) and my Ryzen 7 1700 to 3.9 GHz @ 1.3875 volts with no issues.
However, when turning the system on, I notice that the debug LEDs will light up in the processor & RAM area before finally booting up the system and passing the POST. On top of that, POST times are honestly horrible; it takes a good 15-20 seconds before the PC passes the POST. With all of that being said, I had to take off a star.

If you want fast boot times, this is not the motherboard for you. If you want a decently priced X370 motherboard with a great overclocking support, user friendly POST debug & UEFI/BIOS, then this is the motherboard for you.

elgrian 7 points 20 months ago
from completed build Gr33zy's Twitch/Editing Build!

Well, I love the LEDs on this thing and that's why I chose this one over some of the others, I also really like the M2 Shield and how sturdy the RAM and GPU slots are with the Steel Shield. This board has had problems with my RAM though, but this is a known problem and they have been fixing this. The Leds will occasionally turn off on random parts of the mobo though, which is why I gave it 4 stars.

czanron 21 points 20 months ago
from completed build Dat Glass (Evolv ATX TG)

A solid motherboard, AM4, and X370. My only issue still is an annoying red LED signaling an integrated GPU issue according to the manual. However, Ryzen 5 (or 7/3) does not have integrated graphics... No option to disable this check in the BIOS yet. I contacted MSI support who were just becoming aware of this. Hopefully a BIOS update will be out soon. In the mean time... Electrical tape?

BoiLogro 14 points 19 months ago

Solid quality. Lighting is superb. Auto overclocking and manual overclocking is easy. 5/5

tomle64 20 points 18 months ago
from completed build Bad Dragon


R3negadeGamer 5 points 18 months ago
from completed build Ultra Gaming Budget Build

Motherboard - For the price, this motherboard offers way more than any other in its price range, plus it offers some nice aesthetics to the build. With the amount of ports that it has, it gives me a large range of possibilities when it comes to the use of this computer.

FLIGHTED 7 points 17 months ago
from completed build RYZEN 5 1600 BUILD

Motherboard has nice bios, packs a ton of features, SLI is supported so is Crossfire, there is a m.2 shield if you want to hide your ugly pcbs and it has RGB. I am taking off a star because the backplate wasn't even stuck to the motherboard, it was loose and I couldn't even screw down my cpu cooler correctly (wraith spire). I had to use force on the screws in order for it to go in the backplate.

Mr.Green_2.0 13 points 17 months ago
from completed build AMD Ryzen Poison Build

Very stylish and eye catching motherboard. LEDs are customizable, and the BIOS was super clean and easy. Just needed to update the BIOS to get the RAM to the right frequency! The carbon fiber on the board looks great with a black or white case.