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Thermaltake Versa N21 ATX Mid Tower Case

(10 Ratings, 3.9 Average)


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Part #





ATX Mid Tower



Power Supply


Side Panel Window


Power Supply Shroud


Front Panel USB

  • USB 3.2 Type-A
  • USB 2.0 Type-A

Motherboard Form Factor

  • ATX
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini ITX

Full-Height Expansion Slots


Half-Height Expansion Slots


Maximum Video Card Length

  • 250 mm / 9.843" With Drive Cages
  • 360 mm / 14.173" Without Drive Cages


  • 463 mm x 217 mm x 513 mm
  • 18.228" x 8.543" x 20.197"

External 3.5" Bays


External 5.25" Bays


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays



  • 51.542 L
  • 1.82 ft³

Price History


    • 40 points
    • 46 months ago

    from completed build Stormtrooper- $500 Build

    This is not the case I used, but is exactly the same except for the color. I gotten the snow edition. Great case, little hard to manage the cables in.

    • 28 points
    • 53 months ago

    from completed build Knight- $600 Build

    Sweet looking case, but really cheap feeling.

    • 12 points
    • 45 months ago

    Looks nice, but build quality is pretty bad. Its not as awful as some competing cases, and at least has a nice window. Cable management is nice, at least, but at this price point they really should add some grommets on the largest of the cutouts. My PSU didn't fit very well against the holes (they didn't line up very well... One screw didn't go in at all). I wouldn't recommend this for an ATX motherboard; mATX fits in much better due to the extra cutouts along the bottom. Consider it a mATX full tower with a funky window, but there are better cases for the money.

    EDIT1: Discovered the ports on some GPUs may have clearance issues because of the rolled metal edge next to the first PCIe slot. Be weary. (See 3rd photo in my completed build)

    EDIT2: Front of the case attracts fingerprints like a monster...

    EDIT3: Installing any fans other than the rear exhaust is the ultimate pain in the rear... Don't count on the ability to install front fans at all really, and save the top holes for cable tie-down spots.

    • 7 points
    • 35 months ago

    from completed build "The White Tower" My First Build

    I purchased the Snow Version, same case just white. Excellent case if you don't really care about perfect cable management. Airflow can be bad, so be careful with more demanding components as they may overheat.

    • 6 points
    • 49 months ago

    from completed build My Desktop PC

    Looks alright. Cable management is cramped, so either run a smaller psu or go modular.

    The top of this case is super hard to get off to install a radiator, but I will warn you now: don't bother getting this case if that's your intent. The design of the top exhaust traps so much heat inside. There is a top cover that comes off which allows for air to exit, but it leaves the plastic lattice open and looks sort of silly. For real, my temperatures were probably up to 20 degrees hotter in the case with the top on. MAYBE it would be better running the fans in an intake configuration, but I doubt that would make much difference. A single rad on the rear exhaust slot would be the better option, but it's too late for me.

    Despite all of that, I still like this case. The window is is a nice spot where it doesn't show too much of the power supply, and will display your CPU cooler and video cards nicely. The top and front are translucent so any lights inside will be visible (unless you populate the top with a radiator, of course.)

    • 4 points
    • 44 months ago

    from completed build Neptune

    Let me say this first - the Versa N21 looks freaking awesome. However, the case itself is a little more fiddly than expected. First of all, to install the front fans, that means pulling off the front of the case (which can be concerning for a first-timer, like me.) It takes a lot of effort to pull it off, but it reveals a 120mm fan slot perfect for blowing air over the drive cage and providing an inlet. To install anything on top, the front has to be removed, and then the top has to be pulled up on. Hard. It won't go anywhere unless it's manhandled. It's worth it when there's LED fans in each slot - the plastic above each fan grille diffuses the light and makes the grille pattern far more evident. The front door has a small magnet to lock itself shut, but it's not overly aggressive like other cases I've had a chance to physically look at.

    More airflow can be gained by pulling off the plastic pieces (very easy to do,) and the top, if used as an exhaust and placed correctly, will gently blow air onto your face.

    There's plenty of room behind the motherboard for a non-modular power supply's cabling, so don't worry about that.

    The only place I can really knock this case is on the lack of instructions for removing the plastic bits to get at the two 120mm mounts on top, and the tight space for the drive cage - but otherwise, this is a brilliant case for a new builder. There are no sharp edges, and cramped spaces aren't an issue (save for what I've already said.)

    • 4 points
    • 36 months ago

    from completed build My First Build

    Case looks really good. I like the way the RGB lights shine through the window. Decent space for cable management but i'll admit that I suck with that. I do hate the flap in the front covering the disk drive space but that's my fault since I knew it was like that.

    • 4 points
    • 3 months ago

    from completed build First PC (Budget Build)

    The case itself is very nice, although the manual is not very clear on removing the top and front panel so you can install case fans.

    • 3 points
    • 22 months ago

    from completed build My First Build

    This case is pretty good, but there are a few issues. The front of the case does not appear to have much ventilation, despite having space for two, 120mm fans. After a closer look, there is a large, open area under the front of the case where air flows easily into the case. The top has space for two more, and there are open . This is in addition to the fan that came mounted to the rear of the case. There is room for a lot of air flow through the rear panel, as the extension slots have holes. The holes in the rear also let a lot of light from decorative LEDs to shine through and the side panel has a clear window panel that makes it easy to see inside. The front and top covers, however, are so dark that the light does not shine through them very well. The top of the case has two USB 2 ports and one USB 3 port. I'm not sure why they included the hole for a second USB 3. It has power and reset buttons. The optical drive slot is hidden behind a small door, which can be a little inconvenient if I want to put in a CD or DVD. That whole area is solid, so a second lighted fan on the front would be mostly obscured by the front panel on the front and the hard drive brackets on the inside. Both top fans would be visible. I removed the locking lever on the optical drive bracket so I could use mounting screws. The lever did not really lock into place that well and I didn't want the drive vibrating around when it was working. The space behind the motherboard for wires and cables is limited, and with a non-modular power supply, it was not easy to organize them. It is possible, though, and there are points spread around the compartment to use zip ties. Something to consider is that there is a mounting location for a 2.5" drive on the back of the motherboard panel, but there is hardly any room to route cables to that location. For the price, it's not bad. It looks nice. It's just the list of small things that made me take off one star. If you take the clear plastic off the front and top and replace it with some mesh that you could hot-glue in place, temperatures will be easier to control.

    • 3 points
    • 13 months ago

    from completed build Nice gaming PC

    Great case. Kind of wish the side panel was glass and not plastic, but I could care less. Lots of vents and in the front of the case is a tinted viewpoint. To anyone thinking of getting a triple fan GPU the case might not be well suited for that but still this case is great and is cheap as well.

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