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Logitech - G910 Orion Spark Wired Gaming Keyboard

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G910 Orion Spark

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Romer-G Tactile

Includes Mouse


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Mattjames 18 points 50 months ago
from completed build StarWhals Father/Son first build

This keyboard has yet been put to its full paces. The customization on it is just ridiculous. Keys respond instantly. The only thing I don't like is that it has no USB on it. But very good keyboard.!

ItalianStallion1024 14 points 46 months ago

This keyboard is amazing. Definitely has the mechanical keyboard feel and takes time to get used to, but otherwise the performance is amazing. The best part is the customization too, Logitech does an amazing job with 9 programmable keys and controllable led setup. The indented key structure is interesting but really does help your finger placement after you get used to the keyboard itself.

stricken404 10 points 44 months ago
from completed build SR2 Normandy

I don't honestly know where to start with this keyboard... there are so many things I could nitpick... but at the same time they did everything right....

Let's start off with the pro's first: -The Romer-G switch is one of the best gaming switches I've ever used. Like a combination of Cherry MX Browns and Reds (tiny bit of tactility, like a half strength MX Brown, but a very short and easy throw, like an MX Red) -Backlighting done right... We've all seen the Corsair RGB keyboards that use Cherry MX switches with the pretty apparent key lighting bleed between keys. Well what happens when you put the light at the very top of the switch, and have the switches close together? Absolutely no keylight bleed, and pure awesome color per key. -Great effects on par to the Panasonic controller in the current Corsair RGB keyboards (and Strafe keyboard) -Macro keys out the butt... this thing makes a K95 RGB blush with the number of macro keys it has. -Dedicated media keys and profile keys. -ARX Dock, a freaking dock for your smart phone (portrait mode) so you can monitor your PC and games using the ARX Control App (think Roccat Sense, but completely proprietary to this keyboard) I list this as a pro, because this is the best way to overcome the crappy applet implementation in previous Logitech keyboards like the G19S. -Software is actually decent. About on par with Razers RGB software. This is the key feature in RGB keyboards, big brownies points to Logitech for this.

Now for the cons, and there is a couple: -Uneven wrist wrest. What I mean by this is the wrist wrest is extended for your left hand. This is great if all you do is play MOBAs and FPS and never use your keyboard for extended typing, but compared to the completely symmetrical wrist wrest that comes with the Corsair K series... it's not ideal. -Strange patterns on the keys that are "for gaming". These patterns are etched in so the backlight comes through more... couldn't they have included a keypuller, and extra keys for this though so you're not stuck with it? The only keys that have this pattern is WASD, arrow keys, and the macro keys (G1-G9), so no love for MOBA players here... -Keys are angled, though I don't have the "uncomfortability" problem that most people are whining about with the angle of the keys, some keys are angled differently for no reason... like what? If you are going to angle your keys, do it evenly... the keyboard is RGB for differentiation, you don't need all these laser etched patterns and steeper angles on certain keys to find them. -Price. Yeah, now it's pretty cheap on Amazon, and a pretty much must buy. But this thing retailed for the same MSRP as a K95 RGB for the majority of its life so far. Quite expensive.

xRapid_Firex 20 points 43 months ago
from completed build Orocobix

This keyboard was on my eye at Best Buy for over a year now and at the time came with a $50 Steam card. The optimization is great for the per program and per computer. When I loan it to my brother I know he wont be messing with my personal settings once I get it back. Lighting option to turn off the light during cooldowns for MMORPG spells/casts is fantastic and clever. Pro: Per program lighting makes it extremely helpful to know if I accidentally clicked off screen. Con: Non braided cable is upsetting and Arx Dock got used for like 2 weeks. Wish it charged my phone...

Space_DollarDollar 89 points 43 months ago
from completed build A Tribute to Jipster

Great keyboard, but if only they would update the software and make it cheaper as it isn't near as durable as its competitors, its held up well for these 6-8 months, completely cleaning it, scratched the media keys then wiped off where the marks were and they disappeared, the only issue is in the firmware, where the media keys aren't lighting up.

ahindle346 9 points 41 months ago
from completed build My First Build (Gaming)

Good for gaming, not so much for everyday typing. For everyday typing (writing an essay) I use a Razer Deathstalker. Love both boards

kylejacks4 22 points 40 months ago
from completed build Rainbow Road

Great keyboard for gaming. I love the switches and the lighting. I don't mind the shape of the keycaps, but half of the keyboard has 3 elevated edges (top, sides), but the other half only has two elevated edges (left & right sides). I also can't seem to get this keyboard paired with the Logitech ARX software on my phone.

SpriggsyUK 23 points 39 months ago
from completed build Aiofe V.2.

Simply put it's a return to the beauty of a Logitech keyboard. I had a G15 back when I first got a PC to call my own but that died just over 2 years ago, to replace it I got a Corsair K30 as I was on a shoestring of a budget at the time, all I can say is it was a wretched keyboard that where a more dramatic person would say gave me PTSD. The G910 though is wonderful, full RGB the romer-g switches are great (granted I've never used any other mechanical keyboard bar the old IBM ones so I don't have much to go off) and the software feel very familiar due to having the G600 for quite a while.

ActuallyImJerome 27 points 36 months ago
from completed build My Current Setup & My Slow Laptop

This is a very good-looking keyboard. Fingerprints don't appear, and if they do, they can we washed easily. The LED lightning looks very good, although, I prefer the BlackWindow chroma's lightning. Macros customization is easy. The software is easy to use, can be cutomised in many ways. Comes with a game mode button that lets you disable some keys while gaming (the windows keys by default). In the lightning, you can do freestyle (put a different color to every key), zones (exactly like freestyle, but using custom zones that you can change names), commands (shows active keys while gaming) and effects, which include single color, breathing, star effect, color cycle, rainbow and key pressing. The marco customization options are virtually unlimited. You can put whatever you want, from a single key to the entire dictionary: it will appear on your screen. Feels very good while gaming. The Romer-G switches are the best part of this keyboard. I have never seen switches as good as romer-g: it isn't too clicky, it isn't too hard to press; they're perfect. Oh, and it also has a sound wheel that lets you edit the sound of your computer. And in the box, you have a bigger wrist rest. However, the software can be buggy. Sometimes, it doesn't work when I put my windows toolbar on top? You also can't do custom lightning effects like you can in the K70 and the blackwindow chroma except if you download another program which is very hard to use (you must know how to program in c++, and even if you know how, I doubt anyone would use it anyway). The plate that you use to put your hands on is very peculiar; it only has space on the left side. On the right side, it is nothing. Even the bigger plate is like that, which I know will be annoying for some people. Also, the keycaps. Oh boy the keycaps are they horrible. You know the sorta holes that are used to put your fingers in? Yeah, the g910 has those, but the thing is they are horrible. Horrible. You will always accidentally hit another key you didn't want to hit, and ugh, for typing, the keycaps litteraly hurt your fingers. Why? They have very rough edges, and if you dont fit your finger exactly in the hole, you accidently hit the other key. Oh, and this keyboard is impossible to clean.

This is overall a very good keyboard. But, this is meant for gaming, not typing. Logitech could've made this keyboard a lot better.

Ping_Law 5 points 35 months ago
from completed build Dong V2

Nice feel, nice look, nice lighting. Perfect, apart from the fact that it is a bit pricey.