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Dell - AW3418DW 34.1" 3440x1440 120 Hz Monitor

( 4.8 Average / 6 Ratings )




Part #

(or) 210-AMSV
(or) WCK7G

Screen Size




Recommended Resolution

3440 x 1440

Curved Screen




Aspect Ratio


Viewing Angle

178 ° H x 178 ° V


300 cd/m²

Response Time

4 ms

Refresh Rate

120 Hz





Supports G-Sync


Built-in Speakers






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erp987 26 points 11 months ago
from completed build My Demise!

This is just spectacular! Had my concerns with Ultrawide screens vs going for 4k Tv. But wanted to take advantage of those 120hz and Gsync so went for it... no regrets, everyone that lays eyes on it loves it!

Got lucky i assume as backlight bleed is very minimal on the corners. Overclocked in a few easy button presses and my games on Ultra at 120FPS without a single Hiccup!

the issue? price! really pissed me off that other monitors with similar specs are way cheaper just cause they have AMD Freesync...

MatD 6 points 11 months ago
from completed build Gaming & Editing Rig

Big and beautiful!! Still need to test the fps and will update the review.

Keatononame 13 points 5 months ago
from completed build Z370 Done Right

This was the hardest decision in my entire build, I knew I wanted something high resolution/high refresh. I knew I was probably going to be disappointed at 1080p, and didn't really care about 2k/144hz. I bought this on a sale knowing the PG35VQ would likely be coming out this year. I was initially planning on selling this used and picking up the Asus whenever it was going to be released; having had this beast for several months now, with the PG35VQ no where in sight, I can honestly say I'll be sticking with this hog. 0 dead pixels, minimal backlight bleed, IPS, G-Sync, 120hz, UW, I can't ask for anything better, when it's on sale, grab one. Only gripe is that the DP cable that came with mine would cause black screens on any setting above 60hz, amazon basics cable fixed that issue right up. Just try to make sure you're using a 1070 (preferably ti)+ in tandem.

Toxichmasta11 15 points 4 months ago

My unit I received has some IPS glow in the corners. Additionally, when I tried to clean my monitor with some water sprayed onto a microfiber cloth it left these small black dots behind, seen only on the off state luckily. They started to fade, but it just worried me at first.

mikeo77 7 points 8 days ago
from completed build The Brave Little Toaster

Pros: Holy hell this thing is sexy.

Cons: Maybe too sexy... Expensive, try and get it during a sale. Stand is sturdy but massive.

eldorper 8 points 1 day ago
from completed build Blue white Gaming rig

Amazing Monitor!! Always used 24"-27" monitors, so was a bit worried that this would give me troubles especially whilst gaming, but the heavy bend definitely makes up for it. I don't ever have to turn my head! (only to see 2nd monitor) After a bit of manual calibration, the visuals are incredible. The design of the monitor looks super clean, is sturdy (I got wild kitten that can confirm this -.-) and the build in menu is simple to use!