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Power Supply

Rosewill - Capstone 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply

( 4.0 Average / 2 Ratings )






Part #

Capstone G550




550 W



Efficiency Certification

80+ Gold


> 85%



PCI-Express 6+2-Pin Connectors


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tinkertoy 3 points 32 months ago
from completed build tux's summer home

I bought this because it's 80+ tests showed it was nearly good enough for the Platinum rating, but at a Gold price. It gets good airflow, has plenty of options to hook up my system hardware. The cable case was a nice touch; I use it to store the leftover cables and other random parts (e.g., leftover case screws). It was packaged well, though I would've liked a little bit more documentation--the manual looked more like a sales brochure.

It seems as if it were designed for bottom mounting, but top mounting it gave me no troubles other than some of the writing being upside-down. Otherwise, it seems to do its job well. My only complaint is that the cable connections into the PSU didn't give a nice, clean snap when I put them in, leaving me to wonder if I got them seated well. With my tiny case (Rosewill FBM-02 MicroATX Mini Tower), it would've been nice to hear and feel the click so I didn't have to twist my fingers in knots to make sure things were secure.

Edit: After 4 or 5 months of moderate use (avg. 1 hr of low-load usage per day), I noticed the PSU started making a quiet, but definitely noticeable, buzzing noise. I power cycled the PC and it went away. A couple months later and the buzz has returned, but it is more persistent.

0ldGoatG@mer 10 points 30 months ago
from completed build Lil' Dudes

Based on reviews its a quality Power supply. Internals are built well and is ample power to keep it running well.

It is semi modular meaning the main power to Mobo is wired, the rest are modular. The wires were long enough to reach everywhere and didnt have any issues connecting to them.

The few cons with the power supply: each cable has like 4 connections. So for Peripheral cable.. i only have the extra case fan needing a 4 pin... i have to attach it to power supply and then have 4 connections on a long cable. Kinda ridiculous. I'm probably goign to get a Y splitter for that sysfan to power the front case fan so i can detach this one. The VGA power cable to connect the 1060.. has 2 power connections. So i had to tie it back on itself instead of having one connection, to clean up the wiring a little.

I guess i am a little my build the previous year was a evga 750 and that felt cleaner and nicer.. though it costs more and i had to wait for a sale / rebate. We also didn't need 750 watts.