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uphere Sleeved Cable - Cable extension for power supply with extra-sleeved 24 PIN 8PIN 6PIN 4+4 PIN - White

( 4.7 Average / 6 Ratings )




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Sleeve Extension-usa-111

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bpwyant 14 points 13 months ago

Best way to add a clean and custom look to and build. This set comes with cable combs and just makes the whole build look finished.

djpimmy 48 points 10 months ago
from completed build Mox Diamond

Glad I picked these over cablemod. They were on amazon prime, in white, shipped flat, with combs, and it came with 2x 6 pin and 2x 8 pin for PCIe, so it should work with any single GPU. They are extremely rigid, so I had to bend them pretty hard to get the 24-pin and 8-pin cpu to plug in and go through the cable management.

xthongyy 18 points 7 months ago
from completed build A Chilly Upgrade

Super nice looking + perfect length to not have unnecessary extra cables in the back of case.

gregbell 11 points 2 months ago
from completed build Festive Ryzen Build

Hides my ketchup and mustard cables great and really adds a amazing aesthetic to the build. Love the included combs to add to this set of extensions.

Jalapeno_business 28 points 1 month ago
from completed build 4K for 2K

Cheaper than most cable extenders but doesn't have as many cables as others do. Had just the ones I needed + combs.

LostElement 4 points 24 days ago
from completed build The Mothership

You get what you pay for. They're stiff and feel cheap, but they look really nice in a build. Not as nice as, say, Cablemod, but nice nonetheless.