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Case Fan

Noctua - NF-S12A PWM 120mm Fan

( 4.9 Average / 28 Ratings )




Part #






Noise Level

10.7 dB - 17.8 dB


300 - 1200 RPM

Bearing Type



Award-winning S12 design
Anti-Stall Knobs
AAO Frame
Stepped Inlet Design
Inner Surface Microstructures
Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads
Custom designed PWM IC with SCD
Low-Noise Adaptor
Extensive Cabling Options
SSO2 Bearing
Metal bearing shell

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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Aquatuning €19.99 €19.99+
Caseking €21.90 In stock €21.90+
ARLT €29.99 +€6.99 s/h €36.98

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collinsmith70@gmail.com 13 points 46 months ago
from completed build Hydra

Quite. Flawless. Cool.

michaelgat 10 points 40 months ago
from completed build Mini iTunes/Media Server

Quiet, quiet, quiet. Provides more than adequate airflow for normal applications without any noise.

eli_harper13 34 points 33 months ago

Unbelievable quite especially with as much air as it moves.

darchon 13 points 26 months ago

Supremely quiet, a marked difference from the included fans in my Phanteks p400s case. Comes with a plethora of extremely useful accessories: extension cable, splitter, silicone mounts, low noise adapter. An unfortunate color scheme, but no windowed case for me and not big on aesthetics. Function over form!

SwiggityDerpy 7 points 25 months ago
from completed build Invictus

Exemplar of what a case fan should be. Silent at idle, lots of air moved at full speed, enough accessories to choke a horse and a six year warranty. Accessories include a PWM Y-cable, PWM extension cable, "LNA" (fancy term for a voltage throttler to reduce max speed), and four rubber knobs for "anti vibration" mounting (in addition to normal fan screws).

frankybuilds 16 points 25 months ago
from completed build TITAN - V2

These fans keep my PC cool while also being reasonably quiet.

apollo_one 9 points 22 months ago
from completed build infinite viz

Like the included cables.......Y, short, & long extender.

daykeem 3 points 20 months ago
from completed build Performance > Aesthetics

I can't remember how I was living my life without these fans.

aorick 7 points 19 months ago
from completed build My first multi media/gaming beast

Whisper quiet. FUGLY

jellobeast 27 points 19 months ago

Excellent case fan. It's important to choose the right fan--this one is designed for case mounting and it delivers a tremendous amount of air right to the CPU cooler, which in my build does make a big difference for cooling. Extremely quiet workhorse of a fan.