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Sony Vegas is being weird... again

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CatalystReaction 6 days ago

So my CPU's utilization is mostly under 30% and im not sure what the issue is? I've tried importing the saved project into a new project "so that there are no cuts and it's just one file," disabling GPU acceleration, and splitting the file to render only that file and merge them.

What I've found is that, my first clip will render at 100% util, but anything past that first clip, vegas just throws a fit.

8 hours in and I've already spent too much time and I'm just praying there are no black screens lol.

Is this a hardware issue? I'm very doubtful... Any other input is greatly appreciated.

GPU is a rx 460 2gb btw. It just hangs there.

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FancySnancy 1 point 6 days ago

It could be that it only uses one core on the CPU