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Eduardog16 25 days ago

I cant use my rx570 I have tried to install 6 diferent drivers and they install correctly, but automatic install the Integreted vega graphis, in device manager my rx570 is detected but with a yellow exclamation mark so I updated from there and then I get the green screen but my pc won't crash, just the signal, (I was watching a video while doin it and when I got the screen still had audio) 

one thing I realize is that if when conect ther rx570 to the MB and The 8 pin my windows wont start, my screen just say "no signal" not even my keyboard or mouse will turn on the leds, just the fans, the case fans, cpu fan, and GPU fans, but no signal. does not matter if is pluged to the MB or the GPU. I have to remove the 8 pin conector in order to get to windows.

idk what else to do.

ryzen 3 2200g gygabyte b350 ds3h 8 gb ram PSU 450w


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