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Cooler for MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC R5 2600

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BaronMunchausen 1 month ago

Seems I am in uncharted areas. After searching for a few months on parts I started building my new system.

Went and bought Cryorig M9a (for TT Case v1 itx) and of course did not fit on the mobo even spending almost a hour trying every way possible (bracket was loose and was able to movie it)..so doing some searching of course it did not have the right parts for AM4 and of course the company no longer gives the AM4 bracket out (box even said it fits AM4).

So looking at the Freezer 13 CO as my backup CPU cooler to put on it. I have done what I could in the last few hours searching the net and seems to be fairly decent. Just wanting any input here if anyone else has used in on a mobo fairly new.

Company I bought M9a from does not have the AM4 brackets either BUT when I go in to do a possible exchange (see if right parts inside) or go with the Freezer 13 CO. Not a good way to start a build.

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mark5916 3 points 1 month ago


One user From Amazon stated that the bracket was loose and was able to movie it!

The reply from Cryorig

Hi, can you provide some photos of the issue? The design of our mounting system is that the backplate will be loose before install. Once the cooler is screwed in, it pulls the backplate tight onto the mainboard.

It's designed like this so that mounting force is applied to the full plane (surface area) of the backplate.

You will do it exactly as this video shows below: (And install it with the board out of the Case!)

How To: Install Cryorig Cooler on AM4 Ryzen Motherboard

Package content: https://imgur.com/a/gm2vwz1

BaronMunchausen submitter 2 Builds 2 points 1 month ago

Wow that is one of the Vids I re-watched so much last night and that is the part that was inside with the cooler.

I must say I have never had a system that was loose and THEN it tightens up when you actually put the cooler itself on. So when I get home I will actually do the whole thing, CPU, bracket, paste, cooler then tighten the 2 screws up and see what happens.

I really want this to work with this little cooler.

Thank you very kindly.

mark5916 2 points 1 month ago

I really want this to work with this little cooler.

It will. Just tell us if you did it.

And don't forget to install the cooler outside of the Case, placing the board on top of the MB box for example.

It would be way easier that way!

BaronMunchausen submitter 2 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

Thank you very much for your info.. it FITS. I was surprised that it did tighten up, so I guess i learned something new. I fired up the mobo and just got the light for VGA missing so all is A OK.

Only thing missing is my 2080 (just at the tip of my grasp $$ wise) and my new monitor. I did take pics as I built it so will put them up when I get my GPU at least (can use my old 1080p monitor till i get the funds for the new one).

mark5916 1 point 1 month ago

Nice job. You did it after all!

Good Luck with your Build. :)