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Thermal Imaging Benchmark

philip Jan. 20, 2014

We recently took one of our builds and ran it through its paces. This was no ordinary benchmark run, however. We used a thermal imaging camera to record the system - showing the critical areas that need heat dissipation. We captured the video output using a frame capture device and combined the resulting images with system data such as temperatures, utilization, and system power consumption. Here is the result:

This is a format we're still experimenting with, so we'd love to get your feedback on this before we spend more time refining our tooling and benchmark infrastructure. Would you like to see more videos and content like this? Let us know what you think!

Breaking things down further, we plot out all the measurements over time:

System Power Consumption


CPU Usage

CPU Core Temperatures

GPU Usage

GPU Core Temperatures

GPU Fan Tachometer

GPU Memory Usage

System Memory Usage

iFixit Steam Machine Teardown

philip Dec. 19, 2013

iFixit Steam Machine Teardown
(Image courtesy iFixit)

iFixit recently disassembled a Steam Machine beta kit and analyzed the contents - here's what they found! Their analysis led to this part list if you wanted to try and reproduce it yourself.

Amazon Prime Support Added

philip Nov. 18, 2013

I'm pleased to announce that we now list Amazon Prime eligibility for parts!

We have added an extra sortable column on part category lists that shows Prime eligibility. Additionally, you can set your price preferences to indicate you are a Prime member, in which case it will automatically convert the corresponding Amazon prices to free shipping. Right now this functionality is US-only, but we're looking into including this information for Amazon outside the US as well.

Micro Center Bundle Support Added

philip Nov. 18, 2013

If you are in the US and live close to a Micro Center location, there are some outstanding CPU/Motherboard bundle deals available to you.

I'm happy to announce that we now list Micro Center bundle deals. If you set your merchant preferences and are within a configurable radius of a physical store location, the bundle deals will automatically apply to your part list when it results in a lower overall price. (The deals are quite good, so they almost always apply.)

Welcome Aboard Daniel Harding and Jack Followay, Jr.

philip Nov. 4, 2013

I'm very pleased to announce that Daniel Harding and Jack Followay, Jr. have joined PCPartPicker!

Daniel (aka living180) is an expert Python programmer, and he'll be focusing on making sure PCPartPicker is operating smoothly and efficiently. He'll also help me with feature development throughout the site, as well as finding and fixing up the copious amounts of bugs I've introduced into the system over the last few years.

Jack (aka BoyScout) is also a seasoned developer, and he'll initially be working on… wait for it… the mobile version of PCPartPicker. He will also be helping with front-end features and our new benchmarking initiative. Jack is an avid builder, even going so far as to install a custom PC in his car!

I'm very excited to have both Daniel and Jack join the team! Both bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. Good things are ahead!