After building a custom PC for my son last year, I decided this year was my turn. His build was centered around the Ryzen 5 1600, and I was so impressed with it and it's performance, I had to stick with Ryzen 5 and went with the 2nd gen.

The goal of this PC build was mostly centered around gaming, but also for some productivity.

I started buying parts around September, and was completed by December. The majority of components were purchased during Black Friday deals or sales found on Reddit's Build A PC Sales, which is a great resource. You just have to check daily or hourly because sales go quick and items get sold out.

Some of the requirements was a fast processor with OC capabilities, and the ability to run 1440p at a high frame rate. Mission completed.

After having the PC for a few months now, I've been able to OC the CPU to 4.2ghz at 1.3625v, and a slight overclock on the 1080 with boost speeds up to 2068mhz.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Part Reviews


Using the R5 1600 in last year's build and being so impressed with it, it was a no-brainer for me to go with the 2nd gen 2600. CPU hit 3.9ghz right out of the box no problem. Successfully overclocked it to 4.2ghz @ 1.3625v. I've had it OC'd for a couple months now and it's runs like a champ. Runs around 30°c at idle, around 50°c when playing AAA games, and peaked at 70°c with a few hours of Prime95 stress testing. Very impressed with little chip.

CPU Cooler

Before buying this air cooler, I was seriously considering a water cooler. But after doing so research and reading the forums, people had nothing but great things to say about this cooler. And given the price of this air cooler compared to a decent water cooler, I was sold on this. This thing is a beast, and I'm convinced it could do just fine as a passive cooler without the fan. Paired with a Ryzen 5 2600 OC'd to 4.2ghz @ 1.3625v, this fan keeps my CPU around 30°c, around 50°c when playing AAA games, and peaked at 70°c with a few hours of Prime95 stress testing. Very happy with this cooler.



I was sold on this mobo due to all the raving reviews on it, especially the VRM thermals and overclocking capabilities. For the most part, I'm very happy with this mobo, as it's my first MSI board. Plenty of room and options, and enough fan headers to keep everything running very cool. My only complaint about it is that it doesn't have great options for overclocking, especially not having voltage offset. My only other experience with OC'ing is with an Asus B350 board, and it was incredibly simple. When I tried OC'ing, I increased the clock multiplier (started @ 4.0Ghz) and left the voltage at Auto with hopes the board would do a good job on throttling the voltage when needed, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. When I re-started the PC after making the BIOS adjustments and ran a stress test, the CPU core voltage was WAY too high. (It's been a while, but if I recall correctly it was around 1.6v!) I immediately shut it down and set everything back to auto, and decided to put OC'ing on the back burner for now. The chip itself hits 3.9Ghz on it's own, and even playing AAA games it rarely hit's above 50% work load, so I'm not in a hurry to OC if I'm not hitting max load at stock settings. Other than this issue, the board is great.

EDIT: After having the PC for for about 5 months now, the UEFI and BIOS for the mobo has been updated, and they've now added Voltage Offset. While I haven't played with the offset yet, I've been able to OC successfully to 4.2ghz @ 1.3625v. I've had it this was for about a month now and it's been running solid. There was still quite a bit of research needed as a lot of OC options in the BIOS aren't very clear on their functions. But whatever you do, DO NOT leave the CPU Core Voltage at Auto. At minimum pot 1.4v in if you're unfamiliar with overclocking but want to try. 1.4v is the "max" safe voltage for theses CPU's. You do not want any higher. But with everything staying cool and the mobo having no problem delivering the extra power, I've been very happy with this choice. My only complaint now (and its hardly an issue) is I wish the MSI Mystic RGB Lighting control was a little more developed. It has very limited display options, compared to software like Corsair's iCue software.


Not much to say about it other than it hits its rated speed with the correct XMP profile, and the RGB looks fantastic. I was nervous buying this RAM as it wasn't on my mobo's approved vendor list for an AM4 B450 board, but was relieved when I set the correct XMP profile and hit it's rated speed no problem. For anyone curious, my setup is a R5 2600 paired with a MSI B450 Tomahawk.


Awesome M.2 drive for a great price. If you don't have an NVMe drive in 2019, you're really missing out. I'm using this drive for my OS and a few games, but have a secondary SSD (non NVMe) that is my storage drive.


It's WD, Black Series, and 2TB. Need I say more? The thing is a beast, quick and quiet. Granted it's sitting in a shroud at the bottom my case, but seriously, I've never heard this thing as other have complained that's it's noisy. Not an issue for me.

Video Card

I've always dreamed of owning a GTX 1080, and it's finally come true. My previous PC had an RX 580, and that was a great little card, but I knew the 1080 was in another class. I actually bought this used from a friend who bought it new 4 months prior to me buying it, and I knew it hadn't even been ridden hard yet. Plus with EVGA being so great, I was able to transfer the manufacturer warranty into my name upon providing them with the original proof of purchase receipt. I've had it for about 4 months now, and the thing is a beast. It hits 2000mhz clock speed right out of the box, no OC settings needed. I'm running a 24" 1440p 165hz with G-sync, and even with AAA games I easily hit around 100+ fps. Games like Rocket League hold a consistent 165 fps (frame capped @ 165) and damn it looks awesome. Everything about this card is the way to go, EVGA, 1080, and SC2 with iCX...can't beat it. The SC2 comes with a factory boost clock of 1.847ghz, but I've been able to OC it to 2.068ghz no problem.


Best case ever! This is my 2nd build using the Meshify C case. I was so happy and impressed with the first case I had to use it again in my second build. I switched up the color this time though and went with White instead of Black, and opted out of the tinted glass and went with clear. Clear glass is definitely the way to go. This case has such great air flow, with awesome dust filtering, and easy cleaning. Everything in my PC stays very cool, including my CPU and GPU. I had a very slight issue with the first case, but Fractal Design's customer service is TOP NOTCH, and they had my matter resolved within a day. Highly recommend this case for anyone looking for great looks and great performance.

Power Supply

Great power supply from a great company and a great price. After reading the review and specs on JonnyGuru's site, this P/S has great performance. My power consumption rating was only 314w, so this has plenty of overhead.

Operating System

Choose to go with Win 10 Pro simply for the Bit Locker feature. Yes, it's a legit copy of Win10 Pro for the price, purchased from a website that starts with an E and ends in Bay.

Wireless Network Adapter

Not necessarily needed, but great to have. Currently I have a 1 gigabit wired connection, but the transfer speeds on wireless from my 5Ghz connection is screaming fast, almost as fast as my wired connection (maybe 10 mb less than wired.) At the time of purchase I wasn't sure if I could get a wired connection, so I got this just in case.

Case Fan

Man these weren't cheap, but they look great and perform great too. Amazing color display, and very quiet with great cooling. It does require a lot of extra wiring, so wire management was a little challenging than normal, but nothing I wouldn't do again. Each fan requires a PWM fan connection to the mobo as well as RGB wiring to the controller. See my build pics to see the wire management.


1440p? 165hz? G-sync? Yes, Yes, and Yes. This thing looks amazing. Luckily I got a good deal on it. If you have the budget for this and don't need the 27" version, get this monitor. Some people complain about the black coloring, but I haven't noticed any of that. Great monitor, highly recommend if you're looking for 1440p with G-Sync.


Great keyboard. Sounds great and feels great. Not too loud, and the buttons are pressed with very little ease. My son has a Cherry MX Blue keyboard, and damn that thing is loud, and the switches have a little too much resistance for my liking. My only word of warning for anyone looking at this keyboard is it can be easy to accidentally press another button, as it can be very sensitive. I love this for gaming, but typing fast can cause you to hit the backspace button a couple times. If you're looking for a strictly typing keyboard, Red's and Silvers might not be the best choice for you. But for me, it hits the spot.


Good mouse, but feels a little awkward in the hand when holding correctly. I feel like when I want to hit the sniper side button, I really have to hold the mouse up high, as my palm if riding high on the back side of the mouse. Usually I like most of my palm to be on the mouse pad, but in that position my thumb is too recessed from the side button and I'm unable to press it. However, with all the other mice I've used, this one is still my favorite. I really like the feel for normal use, and being able to set custom DPI settings and adjust on the fly is a great feature.


  • 9 months ago
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Really amazing looking build, white sleeved cables would make it even better.

  • 9 months ago
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Thanks! And I agree with the white sleeved cables. I looked into getting some, but they weren't cheap and I wanted to spend my money on better performance. Maybe it will be something I upgrade in the future.

  • 1 month ago
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You can get some from for around $30 from Asiahorse on amazon.

  • 9 months ago
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That Corsair fan 3 pack. Did it come with the lighting node pro AND the RGB hub? Or did you have to buy the hub separate?

  • 9 months ago
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No, it all came as a kit. 3 RGB fans, Lighting Node Pro, and RGB hub. That was really the only was I was able to justify buying it, and for the price I got it for was a "sale" price. It also allows for expansion in the future and only having to buy the fans with the driver and controller already there.

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What is the CPU temp when it is overclocked?

  • 9 months ago
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I have the scythe fuma with it OCd to 4.0 and mine stays under 60

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Right now I'm running a very small OC with the CPU running at 3.9Ghz under load, and temps hover around low to mid 40's C.

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Pretty good!

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Just curious, I have been plagued by a lack of air cooling options given my setup (MSI b450 TOMAHAWK + giant 49mm Team T-Force Delta RGB 3000 mhz RAM). However, after seeing the Mugen 5 Rev.b actually fit the Tomahawk b450 and its fairly large heatsink with 0 RAM interference, I am going to pull the trigger tonight. However, do you believe you had room to add the optional second matching fan in a push/pull configuration, despite the large heatsink towards the "left" side of the board when looking straight on? It is hard to tell in the pictures given the angle if there would be sufficient space to utilize the included second fan bracket mount, but it is a tempting configuration given I had almost given up 2 fan systems given my limitations. I know it is probably not needed with this cooler, but if it is possible I would love some info if it is doable!

  • 8 months ago
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Hey AznKumar, sorry for the late reply, I'm just now seeing your comment. Yes, absolutely you'll be able to run a push/pull configuration without the VRM heatsink on the motherboard interfering. Although I think before jumping to the push/pull configuration right away, you should try it first with the default push configuration. This cooler is a beast and would probably do the job fine as a passive cooler. But with the default push configuration and a good case with good air flow, that should be all you need. The only other consideration is if the case you're using will be deep enough to handle the height of the cooler.