This computer was built for writing papers. Seriously. And "a little" gaming. This build is a little bit of a re-hash of my old build, except overclocked, with a new video card, case, and power supply. Pics coming soon. Benchmarks at the bottom of the description.

Video Card 1440P is really nice to play games on and my XFX HD 7770 1 GB just couldn't keep up, so I picked up this r9 280 for a staggering $134.99 after MIR, and it has done me all good so far. I can now play Battlefield 4 on setting maxed out at 1080P and very high at 1440P, and it was for this reason that i overclocked my video card memory, because to my understanding, higher memory speeds mean better frames at higher resolutions, so a 200 MHz overclock on the memory and 250 mhz on the core were very useful, as seen in my Firesrike comparison that i have linked below. I do notice quite a bit of coil whine, and at times it is really annoying, but when you turn vsync on you don't really notice it all too much. This is an exceptional card for the price, and with three free games, this is a steal.

CPU, Mobo, and CPU cooler I got the CPU and Mobo at Microcenter as a combo deal for $159.98 over the summer, and this thing is beast. I overclocked it in AMD overdrive to 4.2 GHz with no problems what-so-ever at 1.4 volts. I ran Prime 95 for 1 hour and the hottest temp was 36 C, which is surprising. This thing is fast, and I'm completely happy with having spent $219.97 for these three items, when some CPU's are more than that alone.

Ram I got the Crucial ram for free from an old system, and it runs at the same speed as my Kingston HyperX Blu modules so i decided to use them together. overclocked to 1866, these thing are about as good as they get. I mean, they're just ram.

Storage and Case The SSD and Case was a gift for Christmas, so i did not have to pay anything for them. I actually have 6 more hard drives, i just need to go and list them :P. WD 750 GB was a gift from my friend, and 5 80 GB HDD's in raid 0 also from my friend. The case is dead quiet. Even at full load with the fans cranked up as high as they will go, its still more quiet than my Rosewill Galaxy 02 that i used to have. Very happy with the case. The Window was cracked, but I contacted Antec and they shipped a whole new panel out right away. Great customer service. Even let me keep the old panel.

Power Supply and Peripherals This Power supply from EVGA is great. Compared to my old Corsair CX430, this thing is beast. It supports crossfire for the future and is dead silent. I have yet to hear it over my hard drives. Will definitely buy from EVGA again. CD drive is a bit noisy, but it works. My monitor is awesome. 27 inches of pure awesome. Only complaint is a coil-whine sounding whine coming from it when I'm viewing all white web pages. I got this thing off of Ebay brand new and was surprised that it arrived in 2 days. Never heard of the brand, but this thing has the same specs as the apple cinema display, which are like $1000+. The WiFi card, don't even get me started. Yes, it was $10 but this thing is a piece of S** in windows 8. Very hard to find supported drivers (Had to get them from ASUS because they make a card with the same chipset and is supported in windows 8). Once I actually got this thing working, it works great. Watch out for this one if your a windows 8 user. Note: It works fine in Windows 7. Now, last but not least, my speakers from Logitech were a birthday gift and are totally boss. Great for gaming, even better for "studying very hard".

Thanks for reading this long description. Note that I'm only 14, and I don't have my butt stuffed with money. Special shout-out to Gabe, a lifelong friend that got me started in computers. Pics were taken with a SONY Cyber-shot. Highly suggest it if you want a nice portable camera that takes 1080p pictures and has great portability and battery life. Happy building :-)

Here are the benchmarks that i have done so far Valley Benchmark score is 1330 This is overclock vs non- overclock, note that the clock speeds are wrong for both.

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  • 64 months ago
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thoes temperatures tho

  • 64 months ago
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yeah, i need to fix that lol its really around 25 for the CPU and 28 for GPU idle and the same load temps. my office is frigid :/