My previous build (not listed on here) was a 6600K / GTX1060 6gb machine and worked well, but I built it to a strict budget and it showed. I made many cuts here and there along the way and picked the cheapest of everything. I always had a urge to build something new - something without all the compromises I made last time. I'm not saying these parts are the best out there - but GPU aside, the bits i wanted.

So far it absolutely destroys anything I put in it's way - VR gaming in the rift is solid 90fps with all settings turned to max - something my 1060 / 6600k would struggle with.

Part Reviews


8700K overclocked to 5.0 @ 1.35v so not particularly lucky on the silicon lottery, but with the H100i and some thermal grizzly kryonaut paste in place - temps are kept largly under control with extended stress tests topping out about 80° C - usually sat in the 60's for gaming.

CPU Cooler

I swapped out the stock TIM for some Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut knowing the 8700K would run hot when OC'd - no issues to report, although the Link software to control the fan speed / RGB logo is a bit buggy.


Gaming 5 seems to OC well, Bios isn't as nice as my old Strix board but still does everything I need to.

RGB elements are nice - Fusion software does seem to control the Trident Z memory too.


Stunning to look at, XMP'd to stated speeds and horrendously overpriced. Welcome to PC building in 2018, lol


Boots to windows in under 10 seconds. Only used as a boot drive though so hardly putting it through it's paces

Video Card

Unfortunatly as I began collecting parts in December '17 the whole GPU / Mining thing kicked off and the 1080ti's I wanted quickly either went out of stock or shot up in price. A real bad time to build anything, especially with DRAM pricing the way it is also... Being a little (i.e. VERY) impatient and having 99% of the parts sat there ticking out their warranties in boxes I took the plunge to purchase a Star Wars Titan XP direct from Nvidia. In stock, delivered next day and not subject to the price rises seen in stores.

At the time of purchase a 1080ti (that was in stock) was pushing over £900 for a decent brand/design - Still A LOT of money but if I was going to break my bank account - I'd at least have something nice to look at. And boy is it beautiful!


My wife actually bought this for me for Christmas. She knows me very well and building in it was a dream. lots of cable management. Airflow seems to be adequate, maybe because the Titan XP vents its heat out the rear instead of into the case it helps keep things down.

Power Supply

Does what it says on the tin. I wont be going SLI so more than enough power. I coupled it with the optional sleeved cable kit from Corsair for looks.

Case Fan

HD120's as I knew they were bright so could illuminate the case interior without any RGB strips. Louder than I thought they would be, although still messing around with the Link software to get the fan profiles just right.

Case Fan

Included LED hub isn't too large and fit nicely into the rear of the PC. Suppose the only downside is the excess of cables to fit 4 of them....

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  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Very nice!

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Amazing looking / performing system. Those GPU's are something to behold. A real collector's item.

Can't believe your wife knows you so well she could choose you the perfect case!!! Soul mates for sure.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Very nice looking build! I am sorry for you about your high priced GPU: at least you don't need to upgrade it anymore the next 4-5 years :) Well 5GHz is not bad (even by 1,35V) as long as you don't go over 80° under stress.

  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

This is a simple and clean build! I like these the most on pcpp! Awesome work!

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

Very clean setup (computer). i would not have done it better!! But since you have the galactic empire one, doesn't that red light that shines from the GPU bother you while you are gaming? my build i'm trying to put 2 titan Xp's in, but i'm going wait till prices go down A LOT( and i mean A LOT). do you have a cheaper solution to this, or should i stick to my plans?

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