Ive wanted to build a pc for the past 2 years but never had the money to chance to do so, until today. Mainly using this system for gaming and wanted to make it upgradeable which is why i went with the ROG motherboard. This is definitely an unfinished build at the moment because i plan to upgrade the CPU, GPU, add more RAM etc...

I decided that i wanted to have everything in the system be black and silver to make it all neutrally colored so i could make it any color i wanted to with the rgb components. i went with white cable extensions though which i wasnt sure about how they would look, but they absorb alot of the rgb lights and make it look much better than if i had gone with black cables. I also only have 256 gigabytes of space in total at the moment until i get an ssd, i wanted to just get the m.2 and put all of the important stuff on it so they would boot up and run faster, such as windows, steam, discord, cs go etc...

With just the stock cooler i managed to get the CPU overclocked to 3.7ghz at 1.35 volts, i stressed tested it with aida64 for about 10 minutes straight and temps went to a max of 81 celcius. I plan to get the kraken x52 to push it farther but that wont be for a while.

Pics taken with my 4k iphone 5s

Part Reviews


picked up from walmart for 149.99, overclocks well i have it with the stock cooler and pushed it to 3.7ghz with a max temp of 81 Celcius and 1.35 volts


great board but im not sure who to blame for this, usb 3.0 are at the bottom of the board making it hard to cable manage the usb plug from the case. another thing is that there arent too many fan headers, other than that its a great board that i got on sale prime day for 120$


had multiple problems with these, at first i had to remove one of the sticks to get the system too boot up, but was fixed when i took it out and put it back in. my main issue with these are they dont sync up with asus aura well and will work for about 20 mins after making a profile but one of the sticks just does whatever the hell it wants and goes back to a rainbow effect.


windows boots in 20 seconds, neutral colors black and silver, and cheap definitely recommend

Video Card

runs almost all games 1080p 60 fps if you adjust the graphic settings a bit, cs go maxed gets about 80-90fps, great card


make sure your motherboard has a "D-RGB" header if you want the case lighting to sync up with asus aura, mine didnt so i just had to control the rgb with the cas ebuttons instead which wasnt a big deal. Cutouts at the botton of the motherboard could be bigger and better placed, other then that the case looks great with the rgb and on the front panel you can see the fans if they light up which actually looks cool.

Power Supply

good psu and value modular black cables are great

Case Fan

pics literally do no justice these fans look great you can customize the **** outta them and the spinning effect is hands down the coolest when you mix different colors with it, i did purple and orange. cable management isnt bad either with these because the fan controllers come with 3m tape to stick to the case.

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  • 19 months ago
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Very nice build. Hopefully you get to do the upgrades you want soon!

  • 18 months ago
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Awesome build, looks really slick! Im building my own PC, and saw how you said that the RGB in the p350x doesnt sync with asus aura because of the lack of a D-RGB header, How do i know if my motherboard has one? Because i was looking to get the Asus STRIX B450-F

This is my build btw: I want the entire system to be able to sync together, so i can have the color cycle mode on and i find that would look amazing

  • 14 months ago
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Hey, nice build! How is the monitor for you?