-I reused some parts from my older build. -I got the gpu from ebay around August. -Will add more pics later

1/11/19 Edit: I added a few pics. I've since gotten a different keyboard and replaced the stock cooler. The lighting isn't very good in my dorm so my pics were a little underwhelming.

Part Reviews


Definitely a big upgrade from my 2500k. Even with the same old GTX 660ti, my gameplay felt smoother and had higher fps. It also runs CEMU(wii u emulator) pretty well and I maintain 60fps in most parts of the game with the cpu at 4.15ghz.

CPU Cooler

The stock cooler was a little too loud for me. I got this cooler since it matched the color scheme of my build. When playing games I don't even hear the fans running. When running something like cinebench it can hold a clock of around 4.1ghz on all cores with my ryzen 2600x.


The initial bios had some issues, but its mostly stable now. I don't recommend Asus AI suite since it seems to give my pc a lot of issues. Reinstalling windows didn't help, but removing the software suite did.


Its pretty, expensive, and it works. I was a little worried about ram compatibility, but I guess the newer ryzen cpus have better compatibility. I was immediately able to set the advertised timings and frequency without issues.


A slightly noticeable improvement over my previous 240gb Sandisk SSD Plus when writing larger files. Slightly better in everything, but nothing super noticeable.

Video Card

I use the silent profile and I don't even hear my gpu in most games. If you want 1080p 144hz ultra, you might want a different card. If you lower some settings then 144fps is doable. The gpu is pretty huge and I was a little worried about the clearance. It sags a little, but otherwise its fantastic.


Way better than my old case, the Corsair Carbide Spec-02. Cable management is easier and the tempered glass doesn't hurt. The sound proofing is also noticeable compared to my previous case.


Initial colors were pretty bad, but it looks decent enough for a cheap TN panel with some tuning. It can also get decently bright.


I switched out my old strafe with mx reds since it was a little loud. The mx silents are definitely much quieter, but it doesn't feel as satisfying to type on.


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Neat build, looking to see more pics +1

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I got some more pics, but the lighting in my dorm sucks and its always rainy where I live which makes it even worse.

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Nice build! Looking to build something similar, RX580. About to grab a couple things but waiting for Black Friday, 2600x for 180! What’s your temps looking like? Edit: I’m a dummie, I see. Was looking at this, the meshify and the h400 NZXT.

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I don't think the temp difference is too different compared to the mesh: I initially thought my cpu temps were a little too high and bought a $30 Arctic Freezer 33 esports one, but temps remained around the same, a bit cooler and quieter. It went from around 85°C to around 75ish when running cinebench. It turns out it was the weird bios and once it was updated the temps were very good and remained under 60. I'm sure that the stock cooler will suffice.

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Nice build. For your sag, try this. I just ordered one and hopefully it fixes mine, too.

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where'd you get that strix 1070ti for $325? I've been trying to snag one from amazon for $400

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It was barely used from a guy on ebay. 1070tis are great since they are still relatively new for a gpu. They were released around december 2017 so it will potentially be less worn out than a 1080 or 1070 from 2016.