This build brought to you by my great friend Konrad. He gave me most of the parts for my PC and I couldn't be more excited to finally join the master race. ;)

Parts he supplied: CPU, Mobo, RAM, SSD, PSU, and Windows.

Purpose of this build: Gaming/Home Studio/ Office

That being said, I wanted to keep the costs low for this build but, still build something that I loved and that would play any game I wanted at decent to high settings. I also, want to start recording a bit and use it as a home studio. No plans as of now to stream or anything but, who knows. So, I started sourcing different parts on sale or at local discount stores and I found some great deals!

Places I used to source cheaper parts: Facebook Marketplace, Bargain hunt, Newegg during sales and Amazon. I found PC Part picker the most helpful though, because it compares all the online sites at once which helped keep costs low.

GPU: I bought a used STRIX 1070 off of another gamer on Facebook marketplace.

Hard drives: Found some external hard drives my wife had laying around the house to increase storage. I have them plugged into a USB dongle and placed inside the case instead of outside since I don't remove them.

Peripherals: My mouse and keyboard I found at Bargain Hunt(discount store) for great prices. My headset I bought from Gamestop because I had a gift card but, I want to upgrade to something with a better sound profile for critical listening. I got a couple of MXL 990's from my Dad for studio audio setup. Will post some pictures when my desk studio is setup. I also bought a behringer audio interface off of someone on Facebook for my mic, guitar and to port my headset sound through.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas for parts I could upgrade without a whole new build, or in general any thoughts you have!

Thanks for checking it out.

  • OxSnipe

~2/10/19 Update~ Finished switching over to my new case and uploaded the photos. I will post photos of my full desk setup when I get everything setup!

~2/22/2019 Update~ Changed color scheme to red and black to match my ram and uploaded photos. Also, Overclocked my GPU using Afterburner. Then, OC'd my CPU using the onboard OC Genie from my MSI Mobo and uploaded 3DMark score.

Part Reviews


This processor seems to be working really well, I never have a problem with it but I'm not Overclocking it.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my temps really cool. During benchmarks I think the max it logged was 65 degrees. Only downside was install is a little tricky. I had to reinstall it once for correct seating and reinstall again because my pc wouldn't turn on after.


No complaints on this board really other than my RAM doesn't always stay seated when I move the case. Not sure if that is the boards fault or because I got it used.


Great SSD. Loads fast and no issues. I don't love that the mounting points though are one the front not the back, -1 star for that alone.

Video Card

Love this GPU. No issues and the 3 fans really is great for cooling.


This case is awesome! Really not sure why more people aren't buying this case. Yeah there is no RGB but honestly for less than $50 its a steal.

Power Supply

Overkill for almost any build I would say. Fully modular is awesome.


Great Monitor now that Nividia put it on it's list for G-Sync capabilities. Would Highly recommend it to anyone because it is the cheapest one on that list so far.


Keyboard is good no complaints. Razer synapse though not as great. 4 start because of software.


Love the mouse, it's light and feels really nice in my hand. Synapse isn't great though. 4 stars because of the software.


This was my first real gaming headset. I love it when I got it but hate that it didn't come with Mic monitoring and because it is a closed back headset, you can't hear yourself talk very well. This ends with you yelling all the time without knowing your really yelling. That being said the noise isolation is great lol. Super comfortable and never had any problems gaming for hours. I couldn't wear my glasses with them though because they always offset my glasses and made it uncomfortable. That wasn't a big problem for me though since I'm near sighted.

External Storage

Great no issues.

External Storage

Awesome storage no issues.


Good little TV works for a second monitor perfectly.

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  • 15 months ago
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  • 15 months ago
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Is this a good wow or a bad wow? lol

  • 15 months ago
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Umm. GOOD wow. really nice case and parts in build - bet you are happy with it! I have ordered the same case - tempered glass.

  • 15 months ago
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Yeah I was really surprised that more people aren't building in this case. I really like it.

  • 15 months ago
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how much space did the case have left between the case and cpu cooler with the side panel on?

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Not a lot, but just enough haha. It doesn't touch the glass, my best guess is a couple of millimeters.

  • 15 months ago
  • 2 points

thank god because i wanted to use that cooler and i thought it wouldnt fit

  • 15 months ago
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No it definitely fits! I used PCPP and it will tell you if a part won't fit in your case.