This was my first Custom PC Build!

I did not overclock the CPU or GPU, both where auto overclocked by its own software (XMP profile enabled for the RAM). I did a experiment with 4 x 250GB Samsung 850EVO SSDs in Raid0 for some crazy benchmark results 8-)

If you have any questions about this build, please leave a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability!

Cheers all!


  • 12 days ago
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Why so many SSDs?

  • 11 days ago
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Probably inadvertently duplicated, bought in the past or for RAID intentions.

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  • 11 days ago
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Hey CollieM! It's a funny story.. But basically I had 2 of them from laptop upgrades, 1 spare from work and then I bought the last one to experiment with Raid0 :-) This was my first Custom PC so I tested out different types of raid, (bios, and OS based).