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Virtual Sim Machine v1 (First Build)

by Lellulillu


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Date Published

June 30, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

5 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

40.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

70.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

2.03 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

11.124 GHz


So I took the leap of faith and built me a computer for the first time. The computer was built with simulators (flight, racing, trucks etc.) and the Oculus Rift in mind, but regular gaming is essential as well. I didn't care about the looks. It was function way over form.

I live in Finland and the cheapest parts I could find were from mindfactory.de in Germany. Only Windows, the simulator controllers, and the Rift were not bought from there.

The build process was a learning one, with everything going relatively smoothly apart from me having to remove and replace certain parts due to putting something in too early. Mainly top radiator vs. mobo. I guess one should install the mobo and all of it's connections before blocking the access to parts of it :')

After I got this ready, a friend of my caught the pc fever and wanted a powerhouse of his own. I offered to help him build it. One thing led to another and now we're planning to sell mine to him. This is an excellent opportunity for me to make corrections to my build, because after I got this done, I realised I wanted a much more flashy machine. I wanted to see the insides and a solid Define R5 side panel didn't allow that.

So I'm now planning a v2 of this build, using a case with a tempered glass side panel, or at least a side window. I'm also going to incorporate a lot of RGB, everything is supposed to be AURA compatible, except for of course the NZXT Kraken, which seems to be a must for any RGB build.

Other regrets concerning the functionality of this build are to do with the cooling capabilities of the case. Sure, the R5 is considered a versatile case, but the optical drive space up top and 3.5" drive cages top down next to the front intake take away the chance for an efficient intake through radiators. There is a possibility to move one cage to the floor of the case, further from the front, but that area was blocked by the large PSU, so that's out of the question. Still, as soon as my friend buys the thing, we're planning on using our case modding skills and duct tape to attach the cage in between the PSU and front radiator :P

Really happy to step into the world of PC enthusiasts. I'll be sure to post better pictures of the next build, but with this one there really isn't anything to see. :'D

Part Reviews


So far it has done everything I've needed and more. Easily overclocked to 5.0ghz, at 1.30V, haven't even tried going higher. Runs a little hot with the overclock, though. With my Corsair H100i v2, the temps may rise up to 80C under AIDA64, but that's with the radiator getting it's air from the case and the 1080ti within.

CPU Cooler

My 5.0ghz 1.30V i7-7700k is kept below 70C in normal use, but does climb to 80-83C in stress tests. So not entirely worry free temperatures, but definitely at least satisfactory. My radiator is installed to push air out of the case, so it is not optimal for CPU cooling. Installation wasn't perfect, since the manual was mostly unclear and occasionally even plain wrong. I ended up installing wrong backplate screws at forst due to the manual not being clear and basically giving you a 50/50 guess between two different screws.


Easy to use for a first time builder. BIOS fairly simple to use for overclocking and other simple settings. The accent RGB light looks very nice and made me want more RBGB in my build. Only possible complaint is the wifi, which has trouble working on startup, but I haven't yet been able to determine whether it's an issue with the mobo or windows.


No complaints, does what it promises, easily runs at 3200mhz on my ASUS Z270E


A nice, simple SSD. Fast drive from a reliable manufacturer for a reasonable sum of money.


A hard drive. No complaints after 2 months, except that it was surprisingly easy to fill the 1TB with almost my steam library alone

Video Card

Excellent piece of overkill. Have been able to run the core at 2050mhz without too much experimentation.


A little outdated, though spacious and good for an air cooled system. The 3.5" drive cages are in the way of a front mounted radiator. There is a possibility to remove them, and relocate a few of them to the middle of the floor of the case, but that mounting space is blocked by my Corsair RMx 750, so the only way to use a front mounted radiator is by not having any 3.5" drives (there are two 2.5" mounts in the cable management space) or by moddin the drive cages to a custom location.

Also, the lack of dust filters on top is a minus for me.

Power Supply

No complaints. Practically no noise, adequate cables for my build. Only downside in my Fractal R5 build is that the PSU blocks the space on the case floor that could otherwise be used for a floor fan or a cage for four 3.5" drives.

Optical Drive

Yeah, a little bit unnecessary nowadays, unless you have a specific usage for an optical drive. This one gets the job done no problem, but is very noisy when going full throttle.

Operating System

Windows 10 seems like a huge improvement over 7 & 8. Really happy with it so far.


Excellent value 1080p display. Used for gaming and no complaints


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