This was my very first pc build. I always had a dream of building a pc using exclusively one brand, and I happened to end up going with EVGA. I built it to play video games at very high settings as well as to attempt some overclocking. It is a beast of a machine. Being and novice at overclocking, I watched a few videos and gave it my best shot. I have been able to overclock the i7 8086k cpu I installed to 5.3ghz, and gotten a cinebench score of 1766. I also wanted the best graphics card available, which at the time was a GTX 1080 Ti. The one I had purchased was the EVGA Gtx 1080 Ti FTW3 Hybrid. This graphics card does a VERY great job at keeping cool for the loads it can take. In Time Spy I was able to get a score of 10,248 (10,505 graphics, 9,004 cpu). There are some draw backs I've had with this build. One of them being the fully modular 850w EVGA power supply. The case I used is MASSIVE, and the power cables included in the power supply had to really struggle to reach the ports on the motherboard. Which ended up in me not being able to route a lot of the power cables neatly in the back of the case like I would've liked. Another disadvantage I had was the EVGA DG-87 case. It has quite a few features I love that other cases don't, such as integrated fan speed adjuster and digital internal temperature reading. This is probably the largest computer case I've ever seen. Yet despite it's enormous size, I still struggled to assemble the parts inside it. It does have an integrated led strip, but for some reason it is not rgb enabled and is static white. I had ended replacing this strip with an rgb led strip. This also led to a small disappointment when I realized the Z370 FTW motherboard has no rbg headers on it. So my ambient case light and the lighting on my EVGA parts has no way of syncing. All in all, this was a very fun build and ended up looking amazing and performing even better then I hoped. If there is one thing I would recommend about this build, it would be to find an alternative case. This huge case is not worth the hassle in my opinion. EDIT-I have replaced the DG-87 case with the Mastercase H500M from Cooler Master. I am MUCH happier with how this build looks now!

Part Reviews


Wonderful cpu. It performs great for any application I can find for it. It is fantastic for overclocking. My cpu has been able to overclock to 5.3 ghz. It has a pretty high price tag, but is well worth it in my opinion.

CPU Cooler

This is a great AIO cooler. The 240mm rad does a good job a keeping the liquid cool and great flow from the pump. The evga fans that ship with the AIO have a weird design and I would've preferred different ones. I am not a big fan of the fans ;)


Great motherboard. Has plenty of features to brag about, but also some downsides. There is no rgb header for case lighting. There is an on board type c port, but no usb 3.1 headers, and one 1 single usb 2.0 header. The EVGA bios were confusing and slightly frustrating for overclocking my cpu.


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I am not EVGA fan... cos of prices in my country. But that build is sick !!!

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thats a horrible reason

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With that hardwares... Pretty sure you can spare some budget to get ikea desk at least...