So this is my first build in the ITX package and, in principle, it felt like everything was fair in terms of spaciousness and compactness. It was pretty fun to collect. So yes, this build is made on Raven using an ATX power supply and everything turned out just without using custom power cables. The video card came up like a native. Of the minuses of the case that magnetic dust filters may not fit snugly during tightening, the complete cooler of the case starts to make noise at high speeds. Everything else is working properly.
PS. Peace frome Russia :)

Part Reviews


Works like a clock at specified frequencies

CPU Cooler

It copes well with cooling in the ITX case, but at maximum speeds, a fan hum is heard.


These crumbs without any troubles work on the built-in XMP profile of 3200 MHz and no longer need for the ryzen 3600.

Video Card

The first time in my life I decided to try a series of video cards from amd and this is a good deal in terms of price and performance. The function is also pleasant when there is no heavy load on the video card, then it does not use its cooling, which is why you can not hear it in web surfing or simple games. But still you have to sacrifice this for heating for more and noise.


Everything is pretty well thought out in cable management. It was interesting to build a pc in it.

Power Supply

The power supply is fully modular and was the basis of the previous assembly in a standard case, but in this it feels great.

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  • 5 months ago
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Nice build, I would've but a 650 or 750W PSU for futureproofing in but otherwise good build and enjoy!