This is my first PC build I've ever done. First things first, yes I know the power supply is little overkil. Yes, I know I used tower heatsink instead of an AIO Cooler. And yes, I know that six total case fans is reaching the point of diminishing returns but I thoroughly enjoy having a very quiet PC with substantial cooling. However, I was NOT aware I bought a non-factory overclocked graphics card. I bought a DT edition, basically a stock clocked EVGA GTX 1080 SC with RGB. With that being said, it's still absolutely gorgeous and runs like a dream. I just wish that it was made more aware to more people that it was a stock clocked FTW.

Now for the fun stuff. I built this PC for gaming at 1440p and 4k resolution. But I also do digital marketing on social media platforms as well as video and image processing and editing. I mainly play Triple-A title games, with the occasional CS:GO or Age of Empires III thrown in.

While I was in search for a case I found the look of the Air 540 quite pleasing. The matte black finish is very stealthy and is a great contrast for the white LED case fans. Speaking of case fans, even with the entire front and top panel perforated for airflow this PC is whisper quiet with the fan curves I've set in the BIOS.

I plan on expanding my storage with an M.2 Drive soon, but at the current time the Trion 150 is running my OS just fine. I'm also fine with moderate loading times on games and things so a 2tb HDD will work for my mass storage.

And now for my peripherals. I decided on an Azio MGK1 RGB Keyboard because it worked right out of the box and it looked very appealing. For my mouse I chose a Corsair Sabre RGB, due to the size and simplicity. I don't use a thousand macro buttons and I don't change DPI much. And I chose a pair of Mackie CR3 Speakers for the audio output. They are glorious. Read my review for a little more.

But I will be updating this more as the week continues, Any Questions or Suggestions? Feel Free to Ask!

Part Reviews


A little expensive but I want the extra horsepower and extra hyperthreading capabilities. Also when moderately overclocked it runs super cool with a tower heatsink like the Cryorig R1.

CPU Cooler

This cooler is HUGE but it was compatible with my Vengeance LED ram so I'm cool with it. The installation was a bit tricky but this thing cools like a beaut'


The RGB effects do not stay on when PC is in use, so I'm knocking off a star. Other than that, the reinforced PCI lanes are great and look great against the black and white aesthetic of the board.


It's RAM and it's fast. And it looks great, not much of a premium for it either. Sadly the LED effects are not controlled by any software at the moment but nevertheless it looks fantastic.


Super fast boots, super fast write and read speeds. And was detected immediately and took no time to set up. Big ups.

Video Card

I'm knocking off a star for selling a model of the revered FTW without the one thing the FTW sets apart. The high base clocks. Other than that it is a really beautiful card, with excellent RGB lighting. And it's a 1080 so it kicks butt.


Building in this was so easy. It's huge with plenty of compatibility and airflow. And it comes with THREE Corsair Case Fans. And it has two hot swap bays that were a breeze. Seriously recommended.

Power Supply

Fully Modular. Simple Looks. Extremely Quiet. Won't Use Fan Until <40% Power Usage.


I love this keyboard, due to the both the RGB lighting effects without software and the tactile and easy feel of it. I knocked off a star due to the space bar rattle.


A very nice and fast RGB mouse that is brilliantly bright and smooth to use for both browsing and gaming. I knocked off a star due to the white LED bar next to LMB that you cannot change for some reason.


A bit expensive for speakers, but they do stand for the price. They sound great with really kicking bass for music. And very wide sound stage for movies and ambience in games.

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  • 39 months ago
  • 2 points

nice to see people using the R1 cooler..i used it myself on my build also in a 540! love the case love the cooler! +1 mate

  • 39 months ago
  • 2 points

It's a great cooler. And the case is great as well!

  • 39 months ago
  • 2 points

really is mate, dream to work with! best case ive used, im looking at trying out the 740! hoping on a white version being released! cooler really does its job well and by far the best looking cooler for its size range!