Build for gaming/work. Eventually will have VM's on it for Mac OS also, just awaiting z270 support (Summer). Overclocked CPU to 4.5GHz, Ram at 3200Mhz and GPU at 1925Mhz. Got it to 5GHz but the temps and voltage were too high.. if you want to that I highly recommend delidding.

Part Reviews


Got it overclocked to 5GHz, but temps were too high... If you want to do that you really need to delid.

CPU Cooler

Little overkill but its something that I wanted. Also when installing the back plate and screens it may seem really loose but don't worry, it will tighten up once you add the cooler on top of the cpu.


So far really liking this board. Went with this over the Hero because of the Wifi but also cause of the M2 fan that you can install. Overclocking is easy, but I think I could get more out of CPU if I did go Hero. Also be careful when installing the board into the case the IO shield has these little metal latches that you want to make sure don't block the usb 3.1 etc. You can see what I mean in picture 3.


was going to get 3600+ but when I saw 32GB for almost the same price as 16GB of 3600 it was a no brainier. This is also on the QVL for the Motherboard so it profile is good to go. Had a little worry when installing, wasn't booting but I swapped the sticks around and it works great now.


This sill be my Mac xOS drive once they support z270 (early summer)


This is crazy! boot time is under 6 secs! When you installing this make sure you push it all the way in.. First time round I couldn't see the drive cause it wasn't connected properly.


old external drive which i now use as an internal for just storage, mainly dropbox.

Video Card

GPU is always the blocker in machines like this, wanted to game in 1440p at 100+ fps so got this card. Overclocked to 1925hrz going well and works amazing with the monitor.


For the price this is such a clean case! Be careful when you unwrap this, had lots of static! so make sure to keep grounding yourself before you move to any other items.

Power Supply

Overkill but wanted to make sure if I ever go SLI I wouldn't need to upgrade. Also Platinum as I run it all day

Operating System

USB way to go.


Sold my Apple 27" Display for $500.. picked this up on new egg on refurbished for $599. I wanted an IPS that had over 140Hrz and I love it. I also work in design, and the 100% rgb is great too. Only think I don't like is the speakers.. They are really bad... I rather Asus improve them or just drop them and the price!


Switches on this are great. Need to get a wrist support though. Really starting to like it a lot the more I play CS GO with it.


best money can buy... they are like cloud on your head so light... amazing sound with the onboard chipset


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Lmao gold nova

  • 34 months ago
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nice setup. if i had to build a pc now i would probably get 80% the same parts :D good luck with your csgo matchmaking :D

  • 34 months ago
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awesome build man. how's the monitor btw? I kinda want that one too.

  • 34 months ago
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Love the build, I'm building an almost identical build, save for the RAM. How do you like the components so far? Anything you'd change?

  • 32 months ago
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Hey nice build mate!

I'm looking at buying the Asus Strix gtx1080 OC (O8G) like yours but have read a tonne of bad reviews about their fans and defecting. They're apparently very loud and either spin like crazy and at different speeds or not at all :/

Any news on how yours is going?

TIA :)

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Should've waited for the 1080ti

  • 34 months ago
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maybe... was at the launch event but honestly they are out of stock and its only the founders edition, the better ones with better cooling won't be out for months. I picked up my 1080 for $600. But hey thats an upgrade I can afford if I need it later ;)

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