I built this PC to play games at 1080p with graphics on high/ultra and surf the internet with unlimited open tabs. #lifegoals.

An unadvertised feature of the Air 240 case is its powerful birb-repelling force field (see photo). I expect diminishing returns, but for now the new PC is safe from his berbness.

If I were to change anything, it might be new fans and/or a different CPU cooler since it can get a little noisy at times. I am not sure which is the culprit, though probably both are contributing.

This was my first time building a computer, and these resources made it possible and relatively painless once I actually started building (THANK YOU!):

Part Reviews


I have no interest in overclocking, so the i5-6500 was a solid option at the time and it came with its own cooler.


B150 series is fine since I don't want to overclock. The UEFI or BIOS was easy enough for a first-timer.

I wish it didn't have red LEDs but otherwise no complaints.


I actually used this RAM but it wasn't included in PCPartPicker. It was the cheapest RAM at the time I was buying parts.


My first experience with a SSD. Computer boots up in 3 seconds now. I love it!


I got this for media storage. My next project is to add another HDD and set up automatic backups.

Video Card

Perfect size for the Air 240 case. I still had to bend the GPU power cord that came with my power supply, but it fit easily without distorting the clear side panel.


Lovely case and easy to work with. If you go with this case, be sure that your graphics card will fit and be aware that if you are using any HDDs, the cage will block the hole for the CPU power cord and you will have to run the cord across the front of the MOBO (just doesn't look as nice, as you can see in my photo).


Nothing fancy. A $50 monitor I was already using.


Required in order to plug the three case fans that came with the Air 240 into the MOBO (only 2 fan ports on the MOBO).


Used to create the Windows 10 boot drive for installing Windows - an 8GB USB flash drive is required unless you have an external optical drive to install Windows from a CD (there is no optical drive on the Air 240 case).

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Nice birb bruh

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Thanks brah!

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