With the help of some family members I was able to create my first computer. All of my life ive used basic prebuilt pc's and laptops so this is a completely new experience for me. Over the last month or two I tried doing the best research I could for the parts I really knew nothing about (CPU, GPU... come to think of it the whole build) and this is the best I could come up with under my budget to the best of my knowledge.

CPU - After asking a few friends I did opt to downgrade the CPU I had originally planed to get (6600k) for the 6500 I was able to get for cheaper, and upgrade the GPU from a 1050TI to a 1060. As this is my first build and i barely know anything about this stuff, I am not looking to overclock my computer.. quite honestly just reading about it scares me.

GPU - It holds out solid for the underrated games I play. However when playing Dota 2 I noticed the GPU got up to 81C, So I installed MSI Afterburner and adjusted the fan curve so it comes on before 60C. After that I get an average of 60-65C ---EDIT--- This thing is the loudest part on my computer. I dont use the stock temp. curve but its not really practical for what im doing to begin with. Fan noise would be the only flaw, besides that you know what your getting when you get a 1060 3gb so cant expect the world but she holds well.

Thanks in advance

Part Reviews


Great for what I need it for (modest gaming, and streaming videos/sports) Consistently reading 3.2-3.6GHz under load.


The board is great, all the plug ins you could need. The yellow LED light that it has is nice, but definitely does not suite by red and black build. But I did get this for FREE from a family member so there is nothing to complain about on my end!


It does its job.. and I need more in the future!


Great SSD IMO. I have never had one before so the experience ive had booting up windows, and loading my steam games is crazy. Restarting the computer takes 10 seconds to get back to my desktop screen. Cant complain one bit.. will probably get more in the future.


It holds my data with no issues, price was good enough for me with the reviews it gets.

Video Card

Very pleased with the GPU. It took me hours and hours to decide which one to get. I probably should have gotten the 6GB (im hearing for the future release of games demanding more) but for what i do right now it is doing great.

** Out of the box after playing Dota the GPU temps got up to 81C. So I had to install MSI afterburner to reduce the temps it reaches. I am just not comfortable running the GPU at 81C for extended play.


This case is great! I got it trying to go for a deadpool type theme for my build. The 2 red fans in the front are good however I have RIING lights installed all over and they dont suite the build very well because they are just completely red. And at night the red lights will glow through the red trim kind of giving it a cheap plastic look but other than that this is great. Temps have not reached over 45C while gaming for hours as of yet. I have 2x 120mm RIING fans installed up top, with the 2x front ones pre installed, and 1x exhaust in the back.

Power Supply

Overkill for what I need it for but I was lucky enough to have a family member give this to me for free. I cant complain. RGB lights that I can make red to match my case and build.

Operating System

Its windows.. Not a huge fan of W10 though

Case Fan

Good fans, Max RPM of 1500 but does the job for me, the addition of the red LEDS is also a great selling point for me. I love the RIING design.


Good sound out of these guys, They fit very comfortably as well. Only downside is I cannot get the chat/game volume dongle to properly work (either turn down chat and up game volume or vice versa.. it just turns both down or up) other than that its a great set of headphones for the price. My last set of turtle beaches gave me the worst headache when I wore them.

** correction.. You must use 2 different programs in order for you to use the dongle. ie. playing Dota 2, while using Discord as your chat platform will allow you to turn down either chat or game volume individually.

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  • 27 months ago
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We have the same case and ram! maybe tidy up on cable management though

  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

I tried cleaning up the cables as best as I could.. it was killing me after you called me out :P

  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh sorry if that was rude, I’m just a bit “ocd” about it. I spent like 3-4 hours on my build (mostly cause the case has like -1 inch of cable space)

  • 24 months ago
  • 2 points

haha no it wasnt rude.. i knew i should have done it and just skipped that part.. and yeah you cant really do much with the space they leave you on the backside.. probably going to upgrade the case after I upgrade GPU down the road. Hope your enjoying the case/build!

  • 27 months ago
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also ~50c is nothing to worry about, your computer should be able to go up 85c-90c safely.