At the time of the pictures my monitor had not come yet. Also sorry for the second picture being quite bad, I was leaning across the pc to take a picture. Also I don't have any recent pictures because of a reason further down in the description.
 So I didn't really go with a theme for this. I really just went with the cheapest but best options. Also my build used to look a lot different until I went to Fry's electronics. Yeah I'm impatient and didn't want to wait for all my parts. I did end up getting all the parts you see in this build though, and it's been working like a charm. I do wish I got a better motherboard.
 I used this build for both gaming and working. It runs any games I throw at it at 120fps or above. It was a quick build and booted up no problem on the first boot. I would recommend getting a fully modular or semi modular psu. The inside of the case is actually quite big and allows you to have a lot of space to work with. I had this working for 11 months before it started to have any problems. 
 The pc went into a boot loop and I found that my motherboard had broken. I then went through the warranty process. It was quite annoying using gigabytes website, and the process took over a month. I found out in the end that my motherboard had been damaged sometime during shipping, so they voided my warranty. Other then that all the parts in this build have been working nicely.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I love this aio and it's looks. The only reason I don't give it a 5 star is the program that controls it is annoying to use.


This board is a good board. It has a very good bios and good rgb. My only gripe with the board is it died 11 months in, 2 of which it wasn't in use, and with gigabyte. The board went into a boot loop, and I did diagnostics to find the problem. The problem I found was with this board. So I did what others would do, try to do a warranty exchange. I went through the long and annoying process of the warranty exchange. Then after 1 month I finally received the board back. Gigabyte said the warranty voided and that there was damage to the cpu slot. I had made sure to have extra care to make sure I did not damage the cpu slot and before shipping the board I looked over every damageable area. I found nothing wrong so I shipped it. The board must've been damaged while shipping or in their hands. The annoying thing is that if it is damaged because of shipping that damage wouldn't have happened if I didn't want a warranty exchange.


These have been good to me and have worked well for as long as I've had them. I did pay a lot more for them than what they're currently priced, but that's because I bought them a year ago.


For the price, I got the case for $60, you get extreme value. You tempered glass and massive amounts of space. This is definitely one of the best cases for this price range, but because of the price range you don't get some of the high end features. I like the look and it definitely looks better in person. My only complaint is it's kinda hard to work on the fans on the front panel. You can remove the front panel by pulling from the bottom. In all I have been extremely happy with this case and happy with Thermaltake as well.

Power Supply

This psu, or at least mine, has an extremely loud fan. The wires also takes up a lot of space in the back of my case. That's what you get for a non modular psu though. Yeah I don't recommend a non modular psu, trust me spend the extra cash on the modular version. Either then that this is a pretty solid psu.


I love this monitor. The images are very detailed and are smooth. The 165hz overclock is okay for it to handle and it still runs fast without it. The buttons can be annoying but I love all the settings. The gsnyc is also nice.

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