While I primarily stick to eSports titles like CSGO, I felt like an upgrade from a Dell Inspiron was necessary, although a little excessive. Most of my parts were gently used which allowed me to afford crazy parts like the SSD and the 980ti. Building a PC is something I had always hoped to do and this was a great experience. Only gripe I have is the case. The included fan and HDD cages interfere with each other. Overall, this was a fun experience and I will enjoy this computer for a long while hopefully.

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  • 4 months ago
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for your next build(if you do another build) i recommend using AMD Ryzen bc its a lot cheaper and its more bang for your buck and your ram I would suggest you use at least DDR4-3000 and youll notice the speed difference also to buy 1: 3 TB then 3: 1 TB