I do not do any gaming so my system has no discrete GPU. I use my computer for research on the internet and watching YouTube videos. I also use it with Quicken financial software for all of banking transactions. I run Virtual Box with a 32-bit version of Windows 10 to run an old medical database program that will not run on a 64-bit system. Works great.

The Fractal Mini case was very easy to build in with excellent cable management. I have two 120mm Fractal case fans in front and one in the rear. I have a Scythe Mugen 5 B air cooler with a 120mm fan. This model of Fractal case has the sound deadening material on the side panels instead of a case window. This system is absolutely quiet, even when pushed to the max with Prime95. After running twenty minutes at 100% on all cores, the CPU max temp was only 57ºC.

It only took me three hours to complete the build and I was taking my time. This system is screamingly fast and boots up to the desktop in ten seconds. I had no issues with this build and the most time consuming part of the build was transferring all of my programs and data from my old HP desktop, and getting things configured like I want.

I am very happy with this build and all of the parts used.

Part Reviews


This Intel 9th gen CPU is fast and compares closely with the i7-8700 but cheaper. It does all I need and more. Runs cool with the Scythe Mugen 5 air cooler.

CPU Cooler

Can't say enough about this air cooler. It cools as well, or better, than many AIO water coolers and cost much less. It is very easy to install with a very high quality quiet fan which is held to the radiator with wire clamps instead of cheap plastic like some use. Ran Prime95 for twenty minutes at 100% load on all cores and the max temp was 57ºC. Great cooler for the money.


Very nice system board with two M.2 NVMe slots and six SATA ports. Has four fan headers and an RGB header, if you like that sort of thing. It is a microATX board so only has four USB 3 ports on the back. Has an excellent onboard network adapter which is giving me 100+mbps downloads. My old HP was only able to achieve 35-40 mbps download. This board does not have WIFI, but I didn't need it as I am connected to the router with an ethernet cable.


I bought this drive as an addition to the M.2 drive for added storage and backup. It is much faster and has better longevity verses a mechanical hard drive.


Wow! This drive blows everything away speed wise. See the read / write speeds using CrystalDiskMark in the photos above. I used the M.2 NVMe slot farthest from the CPU and added a heatsink to keep it cool. I don't think there is a faster drive on the market.


I research many cases before settling on this Fractal Define Mini. I wanted a smaller footprint because my desktop sits on top of my computer desk. This case is of very high quality construction and sound deadening on the inside of the panels. Even though it is a mini case, it is wide enough for excellent cable management. It has dust filters on the front and the bottom. The bottom filter can be removed from the front so you don't have to move the case to remove it. The case has two USB 3.0 ports, headphone & mic jacks, and Power & Reset switches on the top at the front. The front of the case is clean and attractive. The drawback of this case is that there is no drive bay available for an optical drive. I have a USB external CD/DVD drive anyway so I like having the shorter height to set items on. There is room for a water cooler in front, or on top. The top has a solid panel which is easily removed and replaced with an included screen for fans. I added one additional fan in front. With two fans in front and a rear case fan, the case cools well. Sound from the case is virtually nonexistent, even under heavy load. Great case for the money.

Power Supply

This is a high quality efficient PSU. It is fully modular and is compact. It is 80+ gold with a ten year warranty. The fan makes no detectable sound. This is a 550 watt PSU which is plenty for my system without a GPU.

Case Fan

My case had three of these 120mm fans and they are very quiet and keep the case cool.


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