Use this machine for work and play. Need a machine that can run a few IDEs and servers for work time, but can push some solid graphics for play time. Also wanted a PC that made as little noise as possible. I spend a lot of time in my office, so keeping the noise levels to a minimum was a top priority. Didn't need to go overboard on anything, but also wanted to make sure to avoid any potential bottle necks with any of the components.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Giant. Not to hard to install with 1 other person to help. The trick is to follow the directions, not some of the online videos, and put the screws on the cooler mount first, and then screw the backplate screws into the cooler mount screws. My 6 year old held the cooler for me, and it went smooth. Quiet, large, works well. Was worried about RAM clearance, and this will not work with RAM with tall heat spreaders, but the LP corsair vengeance fit just fine, and I was able to remove and re-seat all 4 sticks of RAM without removing the cooler - just the first cooler fan.


So far so good. Give off a nice subtle Red glow. Was really easy to connect and setup. Only issue was that I didn't press the RAM down hard enough. I wish there was a better error code than "incompatible ram" for this issue, but otherwise seems to be a fine mobo.


Small, quiet, blisteringly fast. A bit costly as things go, but its nice to have a something like this wrapped in such a small package. No drives to mount or cables to connect.

Video Card

Red scheme fits well with the mobo color scheme. Was highly rated, and doesn't make much noise, so that's a big bonus.


The window is really glossy and reflective. Even in lower light situations it seems I can see more of the reflection that the interior. Getting a good picture of the inside through the window was a lost cause. Otherwise its an amazing case. Good price, excellent build quality, lots of nice touches, good airflow, super quiet. Barely noticeable when my house is dead quiet and I'm sitting right next to it. When there is any other ambient noise, you can't hear the PC at all.

Power Supply

Good ratings, quiet (obviously), great build quality, looks really nice.


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For the Dark Rock Pro 3, did you have the motherboard mounted in the case standing upright before your son held the cooler while you fastened it by tightening the backplate screws?

Like this, essentially?