This is what my Gaming Rig looks like after 6 years of being in this hobby. This build started back in March of 2013. Since then I have made large and small modifications. Very little of the original build still exists, the only original parts are the storage. Now that I have graduated college and have a real job with a real income I can finally have the build of my dreams. I expect that some major upgrades are on the way.

p.s. - I wanted my computer to have a cool acronym name that also is a real name, only problem is I never got to figuring out what R.U.T.H stands for. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Build Notes

  • The AIO cooler is a placeholder for a custom water loop
  • I bought the 970 after the Nvidia scandal like a fool but still got the $30 from the settlement
  • Will be moving to a larger Full tower in the future
  • Upgrading to a 1070 very soon
  • I have an intel optane drive installed but I need to scrap my current windows partition
  • Waiting to pull trigger on m.2 SSD
  • Not shown in the build list are a few LED light strips

Part Reviews


Great Monitor and works as described. The only flaw is the very nature of the thing. A 1920x1080 resolution at 27" is a very low pixel density (88ppi). To put that into perspective, my last monitor was a 20" 1600x900 and it has a higher pixel density of 92ppi. When you are that close to the screen when sitting at a desk pixel density is everything. Bigger is not always better.


A quality keyboard and mouse with great RGB capability for the price. Say what you want about Cooler Master's Mem-chanical switches, this keyboard gets the job done and looks very good imo. The only downside for me is that you cannot change the color of the mouse's CM logo which is kind of annoying.

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  • 11 months ago
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Robert's Undying Tumor Haven

Robust Ukulele Tuning Housewife

Residual Umbrella Talent Hive

Resourceful Union of Talking Hammers

Routine Ulcer Test Horrors

Romantic Uptown Turbo Hyena

Randomly Unifying Tuba Humpers

Really Useless Transcendent Hydrocarbons

And my personal favorite: Runaway Ultrasonic Thermonuclear Hobo

  • 11 months ago
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Yo! where can i get that invis 970, it would be dope for a sff itx build

  • 11 months ago
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