Spent a while compiling all the parts with my friends, debated with a 1080 or 1080 Ti, since I wanted it to be under $2,000 I went with the 1080. I've used it for a month now and it works perfectly! Really happy with how my first build turned out.

I bought this over black Friday to save money, it totaled out to around $1,850. However, without personal things like monitor, mouse, windows, etc. it's around $1,445.

In terms of temperatures, it's a little higher than I expected, which I assume is from my poor CPU cooler installation. That was probably the hardest part of my build, I'm sure I was doing something wrong but I messed up the thermal paste and mounting the cooler. All in all, my temperatures are fine, but a little higher than they should be. (I used Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at Ultra 60 FPS for my under load temps)

GTX 1080:

Since this was my first build, I came from a laptop with a 960M. So of course, this upgrade was huge. The 1080 runs all my games at 60 FPS+ at ultra 1080p. The only game I've had issues with was Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, I was getting 30 FPS, I just had to turn texture filtering down a lot, and everything was good otherwise. Everything looks beautiful.

Part Reviews


Easily overclock-able, works perfectly

CPU Cooler

Great budget cooler, looks sleek as well! I little hard to install but that might've just been my mediocre building skills


Haven't installed too much on it yet, but works great so far.


Works perfectly, no problems yet, still a little paranoid of failure, but after 1 month we're good.

Video Card

Beast of a card, RGB is nice except their app to control the RGB doesn't recognize the LEDs so I'm stuck with white. Not a huge issue but wish it would work,, other than that, great card, runs all my games at 1080p 80+ FPS.


Great affordable case!

Operating System

It's windows. Works fine.

Case Fan

Didn't need all four, but since it was so cheap I bought it, the fans are very quiet, and work great!


One of the best affordable monitors out there! 144Hz, 1080p, for only $190! It's quite bright so at night you'll need a adjustment software, but other than that, it's perfect!


First mechanical keyboard, feels so clean, super affordable as well. The RGB is really great as well.


Has a great feel to it, nice RGB, and comes with weights which really help for getting just the right feel.

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You should turn your CPU cooler to face the front of the case to help let the hot air out. Other than that you did a good job at building and part picking.