This was my first PC build ever went well very few issues with install/build one minor issue and only real problem I had was plugging the rear case fan if has the cpu radiator fans were making the plug on mobo hard to get other then that everything went together smoothly. I will say to try and find gpu with back plate it does sag a bit

Part Reviews


its great runs Ark: Survival Evoloved and Minecraft with Feed The Beast smothly

CPU Cooler

it does what is supposed to do what more can i say


love the colors love the board


wish it had heat spreaders but i take take stars away for something that wasn't supposed to be there lol. other then that it seems to run well with the build


love the 30 sec boot time its amazing it take almost as long to type my pw as it does to load up the os


i have never heard this thing do anything i saw some reviews say it was scratchy but not mine

Video Card

i love it good frame rates on all my games on high\ultra


really like the look of the case plus it as the window to show the lighting on mobo. the windo could be a little bigger but you can see in the pic from seller the size of window

Power Supply

love it it powers thing lol plus full modular and plenty of extra cables

Optical Drive

quick and quiet

Operating System

its windows lol i got some grips but but all in all it is what it is


so i blew all my budget on other things lol the mouse and key board work great except for when you use them from across room KB and mouse both get glitchy at 6ft

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  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Why didn't you get a GTX 1060 with the same performance (maybe better) for half the price?

  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

Bc all of this was bought b4 the 10 series came out I was just late to posting wanted to wait to see how it ran b4 making reviews. I wish I had of kno 1080 was so close to release I would of bought a founders Ed but I'm more then happy with the 980 will prolly upgrade and give it to wife later on

  • 43 months ago
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oh ok