First build. Will use for gaming and maybe some design work. Went about $500 over, but worth it. Previous device was a 7-year old Asus laptop that couldn't run anything more intensive than youtube otherwise it would crash. This was a HUGE upgrade.

CPU: Not overclocked. Idles at 25-30C, barely more than ambient. Held at 100% load for about 5 minutes and never went above 60C/140F. Only issue is amazon sent me a 3rd gen i5 instead of the i7. Took less than 10 minutes to get a replacement shipped, but it still put me back a few days to start building.

Cooling: Case orientation includes 2 fans bottom intake, 2 fans on 240mm radiator side intake, and 2 fans top exhaust. Should be slight positive pressure.

Motherboard: LAN port didn't work, because I needed to update network driver. This means you have to download the driver from another device and transfer via usb drive. Took a lot of time because my laptop has one barely-working usb port and then I realized my usb drive was only 122mb... Had to go buy another thumb drive the next day. Other than that, it just takes time to carefully plug everything in and route it correctly.

Memory: Was running at 2133mHz until I turned on XMP in the BIOS. Rebooted and runs at 3200mHz (dual channel 1600mHz).

Storage: OS installed on 500GB NVMe SSD. Boots in under 10 seconds and looks good in the M.2 slot on motherboard. Putting most of my games onto the 1TB HDD. Had to assign drive letter to HDD for it to appear on "This PC".

GPU: need to test

Case: So much room for activities! Seriously though somebody put a lot of brainpower into this thing. My favorite part is the easy-to-remove panels. Only downside is I have a decent amount of deadspace, maybe I'll be cliche and stick an action figure in there.

Monitor: BIG. My desk is too small, which is a problem. I would say you want a desk that's around 3 ft. wide for this, otherwise you feel like you need to lean back in your chair to see everything. Otherwise, can easily overclock to 166Hz using the control panel on the monitor. Lots of great presets including a reading mode, which made the day long setup easier on my eyes. Make sure to download the Nvidia control panel to take advantage of Gsync.

*Did not include mouse, keyboard, OS, or MS office in totals.

Part Reviews


See completed build Dreamsicle. CPU sitting at 30C idle/ 60C full load with Corsair H100i AIO. I chose Intel for my processor, because that’s a brand I know. I chose i7, because some of my friends didn’t get enough out of i5. Sure, it’s $350 which is pretty crappy price/performance, but oh well. Only issue here is Amazon. They sent me a 3rd gen i5 instead. Got it returned in a few days, but had to wait for it to start building.

CPU Cooler

See completed build Dreamsicle. Solid build quality. Pretty straight forward to install, just a little awkward trying to maneuver the pump head into position. Keeps i7 9700k at 30C idle/ 60C full load. Looks good as an RGB accent on the motherboard too.

Thermal Compound

Easy to use.


See completed build Dreamsicle. 4/5 because I had to manually install network drivers and it doesn’t have an onboard Type-c socket. There’s one on the i/o, but I can’t connect my front of case Type-c. Otherwise, this board is easy to use with everything labeled. Took me a full day to connect everything, but that’s just because I was learning. It has a brown color to it, but it honestly looks pretty good.


See completed build Dreamsicle. Working great at 3200MHz (dual channel 1600MHz). Only issue is that it took me a while to figure out I needed to enable XMP in the BIOS in order to reach 3200MHz. White color looks great with the white case.


See completed build Dreamsicle. Paired with a WD Black 1TB 7200RPM HDD. Installed OS on this SSD. Boots in less than 10 seconds. You literally have less than a second to boot into BIOS it’s that fast. Looks great in motherboard M.2 slot.


See completed build Dreamsicle. Paired with a WD SN500 500GB SSD. Originally went with the 2TB version, then figured 1.5TB total storage should be sufficient for now. Had to learn how to allocate/partition/assign drive letters for this to be recognized.


See completed build Dreamsicle. This is the case you need. Everything is designed so well. There’s room for five 3.5” HDDs and one 2.5” drive, 2 gpu’s, and THREE 360mm radiators (would only have room for 3 HDDs with 3 rads). There’s so much room and options to work with that it’s kind of overwhelming. Panels slide off easy, white color looks great, and everything just works right.

Case Fan

See completed build Dreamsicle. Difficult to screw in but solid once they’re snug to the case. White LEDs look good.

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