CPU: I Chose The AMD FX-6300 for it being a fairly strong CPU at a low price mark. I've used this CPU on a editing PC rig and put it through hell and back and it ran like a champ back when I was in highschool. (took A/V in highschool that had this CPU in it)

CPU Fan: I was slightly surprised with the size of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, but it still fit in my case and on my Mobo, in spite of a lot of issues I had trying to logic the whole thing out.

Motherboard: This motherboard was a bit of a pain to me only due to a stroke of stupidity (forgot to plug in my CPU power), it works nicely, but I suggest not installing the utilities that come with it (IE Fast USB, Fast RAM, Fast LAN), they tend to be a little grouchy and will throw fits for some unknown reason. (had it randomly cause a scare with my external hard drive when a whole bunch of folders didn't have files in them). There is overclocking capability with the mobo, but I suggest steering clear of it if you are like myself and don't feel comfortable with the extra heat that comes with overclocking.

RAM: Now this is a part that I swapped in my build list a lot... A LOT. I originally looked at some Corsair Vengeance RAM, went to crucial for a bit, glanced at some other brands, but stuck with my 4 sticks G. Skill Ripjaws 4gb due to the memory latency and the price point at the time.

Storage: This was originally something that I thought I wasn't going to have to buy. I already had on hand 2 SATA HDD's, both were seagate hard drives, 1 250GB 7200rpm drive, and 1 1TB 7200rpm drive. But after later testing, it turned out that my 250gb Hard drive was dead (put power to it and gave it a read signal and nothing), and my 1TB was dropped by myself in a major act of clumsiness onto tile floor. The 1tb still lives... but i have no clue if it's days are numbered or not. A friend ended up buying me the 120GB SSD as a christmas present so that was a relief.

Graphics Card: This was the second most changed thing on my list. I was always looking at 750 ti's, but this one caught my eye when it's price dropped to $120. I am currently enjoying it's performance as of late, been running skyrim on ultra with heavy graphical mods and a heavy ENB and it's taking it like a champ. I would definitely recommend this GPU if you are trying to build a budget PC if it is on special like when i got mine.

Case: Now this one was a wildcard, I was truly unsure if this was going to be a flop or a win in my case... hehe... get it... eh, screw you it was funny. Anyways, this case when it came in, sortof concerned me with it's fan power lines (both have the old 4 pin power plug or can plug into a motherboard's case fan power plug) . It was slightly cramped to work in there, and I had to pull out my GPU countless times during my building of this PC due to the hard drive bay being right in where the PCI slot for my GPU was on my motherboard. It's a nice case that aside, and i would definitely recommend using it if you are looking to build a budget PC.

DVD Drive: Not much to say about this, it works, it was cheap, 10/10 would buy to only install the OS again.

All other pieces on this list are of my peripherals that I had before this, but were all planned to be used with this Build. Only reason my Microphone setup is included is due to a couple of friends asking me what they were, and where I bought them. I have a small complaint with the keyboard, and that would be that it's tough to type at length using it. (finger's are slightly tired from having to type as much as I have) Razer's products have always been decent in my book, been using the Taipan for a little over 6 months and it's a godsend compared to my old Logitech G100S that I used to have. Headset is an amazing gift from a friend that i was traveling with, awesome sound quality, deep bass, mic was crap, but I have the yeti that I've owned for over a year now, so who need's a headset mic?

Edit: This may be a weird issue only i am experiencing, but this issue seems to be focused on my GPU, but first starts of the day when I try to play a DirectX 10 or 11 based game, the game engine for some reason runs a little weird, random accelerations then back to regular FPS for a few seconds then a random acceleration again. Issue resolves with a restart though. Will delve deeper into this issue if it gets worse.

Part Reviews


Great budget CPU, works well, can be overclocked, and still able to run many current games without any issues on at least medium quality.

CPU Cooler

Good CPU Cooler, was a little surprising to see that it was a 120mm fan, but, it works very well and keeps my CPU below 40 C


Good mobo, would suggest not installing any of the xFast utilities from the motherboard's support CD, it can cause some fit's for external hard drives on your front panel.


It's RAM, it works, got 2 sets in my build and i haven't had any issues yet.


Yep, it stores data. 10/10, would steal from an old build again.

Video Card

This GPU works wonders, hasn't complained as of yet while playing games like Skyrim on ultra with an ENB on, sure i dropped from a stable 60 FPS to a stable 30... but drools it's worth it.


It's slightly cramped to work in the case, and the Hard drive bay can be a bit annoying to work with if your GPU is large and happens to be in the wrong place.

Power Supply

It supplies things with power and keeps them powered, and comes with all the cords needed for what I built.

Optical Drive

Cheap and does what it needs to, 10/10 would buy only to install an OS again.

Operating System

Supports over 128GB's of ram, what's not to like? wait... W10 can support 2TB's of ram?... huh...


It works as a keyboard, slightly rough to type on for a lengthy period, and the function keys only really work as macro's or hotkeys so be wary.


great mouse, made even better with the software you should install for it. nice mouse for those that use palm grip with their mice.


Great sound, deep bass, iffy and easy to break mic, but seeing as i own a stand alone mic it didn't effect me.

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  • 44 months ago
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Bro you could've got this performance for under 500$ but you spent a lot on the accessories and peripherals take a look at my saved part lists to see what I'm talking about

  • 43 months ago
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my accessories were bought long before i built the PC and were used with a previous setup. I was looking to cut corners as much as possible.