This was mainly built for gaming purposes, I've been a solid laptop user for years and never have had my 'own' PC. Will update with more information soon.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

A silent beast, installation was not as difficult as I had anticipated, manual was very helpful and as a first time builder I am very pleased with this behemoth.


Flimsy IO shield. As a brand new builder this MB was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated to use. Installation was easy, manual was helpful most of the time, unnecessary extra features that only added confusion for myself. First MB received was DOA, which made my first build a living nightmare. Issue with MB not being able to maintain consistent POST on video card. Will update with final review of working MB.


First Hard drive I received was DOA, adding to my first build nightmare frustration.


Excellent case, surprised how big it is, love the window and it has great circulation, I also really like the front panel which is easy to remove for cleaning.


Fantastic keyboard, my first mechanical keyboard, love the customization features and the easy software to use. Includes a USB and headphone jack on the side which is much appreciated. Still getting used to how loud typing is.

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  • 48 months ago
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Almost a 2k+ PC and no GTX 970/980 :O

  • 47 months ago
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I finished my build a few weeks ago. But before I did, I was doing last minute research. I was checking to see builds that had similar parts to what I was going to get and your build was the closest. I was thinking of getting NZXT Kraken x41 water cooler, but I read that I might have issues with space in this case. My second choice was the Noctua NH-DH14 which I was happy to see, from your build, it fit well into the the Design R4.

Just wanted to share my appreciation. Happy Gaming.