My first rig for school and game. I actually have a 2060 super in my build but as of 7/20/19 the F.E has yet to be listable on pcpartpicker. Both GPU's are ideally the same nonetheless. GPU paired with the 3600 can destroy any game 1080p ultra with my 144hz msi monitor and games comfortably @ 1440p though I have yet to acquire a 1440p monitor (waiting cyber monday). Other things to note are that I bought the wraith prism cooler separately, it does not come with the R5 3600. I also bought this motherboard in hopes of pairing it with the 2600x, but ended up waiting for zen 2 as the 3600 alone edges the 2700x in almost any benchmark besides multi core benchmarks. I utilized the bios flash feature of the mobo in order to make it compatible with the ryzen 3000 series, and the VRM's on this mobo are plentiful for the 3600 CPU. In conclusion the PC is cool to stare at and is more than enough to play lol and competitive games at 144 frames/1080p :P

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this chip alone is a price/performance monster! I absolutely recommend this chip if youre on a budget and want near i7-9700k performance


super solid motherboard. its bios flashback feature proved to be quite handy for the ryzen 3000 series. the motheboard vrm's will mesh perfectly with the new 3600/3600x.


5 stars for blinding rgb. the colors on this ram are amazing which is to be expected from Corsair's rgb system ofc.


blazing fast ssd. more than enough for my boot drive and storage drive for games. 3000+ r/w speed !


love the aesthetic of this case. another thing to note is this cases fantastic job of cable management in the back.

Power Supply

Does not turn on fan unless you're pulling some heavy wattage from gaming or editing etc. Even when it does, fan is extremely quiet, and more than often the case fans will be the audible noise from your pc.

Case Fan

Wish the colors on these were a little better, but 25 for these 3 fans is still great deal. Full compatible with my msi rgb sync on my b450 mobo.


VA panel. Even though va panels are somewhat notorius for ghosting I have not noticed any on this monitor. Fantastic monitor with a joystick on the back that makes the monitor settings very convenient to change through the gui interface. Gets the 1080p/144hz job done well.


If you're a palm grip user this will be an ideal mouse for you. Being a palm grip user myself using the g403 feels fantastic. good build quality and nice rgb that is interchangable through logitech ghub. A great wired mouse overall.

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  • 7 months ago
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take them stickers off mate, give it some respect ;0

  • 7 months ago
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haha good point I really need to that soon :D

  • 3 months ago
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How is the ADATA SSD performance/reliability so far? is it recommended ?


  • 2 months ago
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this specific ssd is definitely in the top end of nvme's would definitely recommend it. It's crazy fast and does its job

  • 7 months ago
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Are you going to sync up the colours of the CPU cooler with the rest of the PC?

  • 7 months ago
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the cpu fan itself is synced up with the pc however I plan on buying a usb port cable later in order to change the color of the outside border ring as its set to rainbow by default and cannot be changed with just the rgb port cable I have rn

  • 7 months ago
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Awesome build dude!

I have same monitor but a older version, mag24c

  • 7 months ago
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Your tomahawk bios flash worked without issue? Great! A lot of people are having trouble with it