I believe everything is marked properly, price-wise. Many components I already had, or were a gift, hence the $0 price tag. Also, this sits under my desk, so the innards aren't beautified in any way.

This build is going on 2 years old now, but I figured I'd publish it anyways.

I imagine a lot of other people here do this as well, but I kindof follow the intel tick-tock development model with my PC builds. Certain components follow from a previous build into the new build, and then get replaced later on.

The case, power supply, and CPU cooler were all hand-me downs from this builds predecessor. The power supply was a gift from a friend many years ago. The case was a move away from an old Asus SX1030B, which is now my server case, so it's still in use. I like the Three Hundred. The only thing that tends to bug me is the headphone port hangs straight over the optical drive, and can cause some tray ejecting/closing issues. Minor annoyance. The CM 212 Plus is pretty awesome. Had it on a Phenom 9850 before the upgrade, so I was pretty surprised when it's mounting system was adjustable to move it right over to the FM2+ platform. I'm curious if it will make as good a move to the AM4 platform in the near future... Hum..

The AMD A8-5500 was purchased on ebay, used. It was originally intended as a cheap foot in the PC upgrade door with a Kaveri APU to follow, but its been handling whatever I throw at it quite well, so the upgrade never happened. Mind you, I don't throw a whole lot of CPU intensive tasks at it. About the most worked up it gets is playing a game of skyrim or Just Cause 2.

The R9 270X was another used ebay purchase. I assume the person that I bought it from was using it for bitcoin mining, as the free game offers hadn't been redeemed yet, so that was a nice plus. It does pretty well. Now that Skyrim Special Edition is out with it's fancy lighting effects, the card is having to work a bit harder to keep up.

In retrospect, i wish I had gone with a larger SSD, but as far as performance goes, the Vector 150 is nice and speedy. The PC does well with the secondary drive for apps/games.

I'm very pleased with the motherboard. About the only thing that bugs me are the super annoying sounds in the BIOS, but that's pretty minor. No stability issues at all. The decent quality onboard audio was a pleasant surprise, as well.

For peripherals, I have an older Logitech K300 keyboard, and a G600 MMO mouse. I'm not much of an online gamer, but it's a comfortable mouse with some nice config options. One of these days the keyboard will be switched out for a tenkeyless mechanical, but it will do until then.

The monitor was a gift from my brother. Prior to it I was running two 22" 1650x1080 monitors; one an Acer and the other a Samsung. The screens actually lined up quite well, but the Samsung's panel was very warm compared to the Acer, and try as I might, I couldn't get their calibration to quite match up. Oh well, onto better displays! I had originally deployed (I work in IT) some Dell U2515H monitors to a guy at work, and immediately put it on my personal to-buy list. Sadly, the guy at work lowered the resolution to something like 1366 x 768, so I shed a tear for the poor monitors.

I do most gaming at a resolution of 1920x1080 to maintain the 16:9 aspect ratio. I tried a full 2560x1440, and things got pretty choppy. Heh.

All in all, it's a decent build. By no means a screamer, but it works great for how I use it.

Part Reviews


I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this APU. I had read that the motherboard I selected required a BIOS update for proper FM2+/Kaveri support, so I figured this would be a good prep CPU, which i could then repurpose for a HTPC / Server / Wife / Whatever build later on. I guess at this point, coming up from a Phenom 9850, pretty much anything would be an upgrade. I'm pleased for now, and this will most likely become my server processor once I upgrade to a Zen/AM4 build next year.

CPU Cooler

Me gusta! Cools very well and I'm surprised how well it's transitioned across different CPU socket types. Nice and quiet, too.

11-06-16 - Just adjusted this to a pull configuration, so that it could be rotated and free up all 4 memory banks. No immediate plans to fill the extra 2 banks, but they're accessible now!

Thermal Compound

I'm pleased with this stuff! A large syringe for just 8 bucks. It cools very well as far as I've tested it.


I really like this guy. Dual BIOSes with a physical switch, plenty of fan headers, and good quality onboard audio. I plug my Grado SR60s into the front headphone jack, and am quite pleased with the audio playback. This thing has an HDMI in for connecting gaming consoles. I haven't tried too much, but it would be pretty neat if that could be used in a windowed mode. I've only seen full screen as an option, so far.


It's memory. It's Mushkin. I can't find this specific line of memory anymore, though. Should have just gotten 16GB to begin with.


It's a good drive for the OS. Too small for much of anything else. It makes the system nice and responsive, though.


I upgraded my wife's and my laptops hard drives to some 525GB Crucial MX300 SSDs, so I had some spinning disks left over. So this is a donor drive. It does it's job.

Video Card

This is a decent video card, and runs whatever I throw at it. The fans are getting a bit noisy, though when at full speed.

Power Supply

I'm not exactly sure which model I have, but I know it's a 650W CoolMax. When I received it, it was plugged into an Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe motherboard with an Athlon x2 4200 processor. I've had it probably going on 6 or 7 years, so it's been a surprisingly reliable PSU.

Optical Drive

Does it's job, and looks good paired with the Antec Three Hundred case.


Real estate. It's a wonderful thing.


I like this mouse. It's third button is reminiscent of the old Logitech Wingman Gaming Mouse. The lighting effects are nice, too.


I've actually never used these in full surround sound, but they sound good!

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  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

That's a unique SSD bay adapter, where did you get it?

  • 41 months ago
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I bought it on amazon, but it looks like they've taken down the page for that product. It's an Orico AC325-4S.