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by zenoquake


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Date Published

Feb. 7, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

6 GHz


Built this as my first gaming system from a mix of new and used parts. Considering my screen resolution of 1280x1024, it runs most games at mid to high settings at 60+ fps. I'm really pleased with this rig. Some of the parts in the list aren't the exact parts i have, like the monitor and ram (my stick is red).

Part Reviews


Really good cpu for the price. Not being a us resident and having to ship most of my parts from the US or Canada, I could not afford a Ryzen chip at the time (still can't), but this is doing a very good job at the moment. I am yet to overclock it.


Got this board from Canada around the black Friday period at a discount. I did not want to get a microATX board and i wanted something with a RGB header and this was the cheapest option. The RGB header is a bit underwhelming if i'm honest as it can only make a limited number of static colors. Otherwise it's a pretty good board.


This single stick of DDR4 ram was purchased in Canada. The heat-spreader on my stick is red to match the theme of my build. This single stick and the gpu are the weakest parts of my system.


Basically got this for free out of an old laptop. It's rather slow but i'm only using it for non essential programs and files.


Also got this for free from another laptop. It's faster than the 250GB hdd so i use this one for media files.


A friend gave me this drive because he no longer needed it. Its pretty fast for what it is, but it is a bit noisy.

Power Supply

One of the few parts from the build I purchased from my country hence the high price. It's not modular so it was a bit of a task getting all the extra cables tucked away at the back of my case. Haven't had any problems with it though.

Operating System

Got this for free from my university. :)


Cheap gaming mouse i got on ebay. It works ok, but the side buttons are pretty mushy. I wish the cable was a bit longer.


Really good headset. The headphones are especially good, probably the best iv'e ever had, but that's not saying much since i haven't had many in my lifetime. The mic is a bit soft at first but windows mic boost makes up for it.


Pretty average keyboard. The keys feel pretty nice and clicky, but they are a bit on the loud side. Occasionally the left shift button fails to register but i seldom notice it because i rarely use it. I like the RGB functions but the key font can be a bit confusing.


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